Culture Night at Dunsink Observatory - Friday 19th September 2014


dunsink_house Dunsink Observatory is joining in the celebrations of Culture Night on Friday 19th September 2014.

The Observatory will be open from 5:00pm to 11:00pm and during the evening, visitors will be able to view the historic observatory buildings, which were once the home of Sir William Rowan Hamilton, world renowned mathematician and scientist. Visitors will also be able to see the historic telescope and hear the remarkable story of the Dublin company that became one of the greatest telescope makers in the World.

The evening will kick off  at 5pm with a fun family-friendly workshop. This workshop is suitable for children aged five years old to nine years old  and children must be accompanied by an adult. Time duration of the workshop is approximately one hour and places are limited.  For the adults talks will be given by astronomers on on major areas of astronomical interest.
Booking required for talks and childrens workshop, tickets available here.  


 Timeline for Culture Night 2014 at Dunsink Observatory:

  • 5pm –Childrens workshop "Action Comet"  by Deirdre Kellegan (IFAS)

    Abstract: Action Comet is a workshop about comets and their features. Participants will learn about comets by both  drawing and making their own models. In addition  Action Comet will bring an appreciation of the European Space Agency's  Rosetta mission to comet 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko. ESA will attempt to land a probe called Philae on this unusual comet later this year -  an unprecedented extraordinary space adventure. !!

  • 7pm – "Origin and Highlights of the Solar System" by Dr. Masha Chernyakova (DCU)

    Abstract: A journey through the Solar System pointing out it's Origin and it's Highlights.

  • 9pm - "What are Shooting Stars?" by  Michael O'Connell (IFAS)

    Abstract: This talks explain in simple terms what shooting stars are, where they
    come from and what we can learn from studying them. Michael will have
    samples of meteorites with him on display at the event.

E-tickets for the workshop and talks must be obtained on or before September 12th



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