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Information regarding Sunrise, Sunset and Lighting-up Time

Information Regarding Sunrise, Sunset and  Lighting Up Time


To obtain Sunrise/Sunset and lighting up times use the folllowing website:
www.sunrisesunset.com and follow the instructions below:

On the first page click on ‘Predefined locations’ 

Then scroll down the page until you come to
‘Enter your Own Location’

CLICK all four boxes if you wish to agree to their terms and conditions.
CLICK ‘ submit’

At the top of this page you will see ‘Name’ – Type in: Ireland
Then the Month and the Year – Type the required month and year.
Next you will see the co-ordinates.
For instance; if Dublin is required:(using fractions of degrees)
Type 6.25 (i.e. 6 degrees 15 minutes) in the Longitude box and left click on mouse in box ‘W’
Type 53.33 (i.e. 53 degrees 20 minutes) in the Latitude box and left click on mouse in box ‘N’
If you require co-ordinates for other places in Ireland you can obtain these by using the following link: www.fallingrain.com/world
(The countries are in alphabetical order and Ireland comes under EI Ireland)
Otherwise continue:
For the ‘Time Difference to GMT ‘ box type in 0
For ‘Daylight Saving Type’ left click on mouse in ‘Europe’ To determine the beginning and end of Lighting-up Time, as defined by the Irish Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Regulations (1963) add 30 minutes to the time of sunset and subtract 30 minutes from the time of sunrise. Note this is different to Civil Twilight and Civil Dawn, the times of which are defined by how far the sun is below the horizon. Finally at the end of the page you can choose the format of the sunrise and sunset times which can be in am/pm format or 24 hour format.
CLICK Submit.
The following website can also be explored for the purposes of Sunrise and Sunset times.

For further information on Sunrise/ Sunset and lighting up  tmes please contact Anne Grace