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Research Fellowship – School of Cosmic Physics

Aim of Fellowships

The Institute’s Strategy Statement 2002-2006 recommended the introduction of a new Fellowship Scheme. The aim of the fellowship scheme is twofold. On the one hand it aims to provide promising researchers near the start of their career with relatively well-resourced medium-term positions in a world-class research environment from which to launch their academic careers. On the other, it aims to stimulate the research programmes of the Institute with periodic infusions of new people and ideas.


Candidates must hold the degree of PhD, or equivalent, from a recognised university and should have several years of relevant postdoctoral research experience.

Selection Criteria

The award of Fellowships will be based on the following criteria:

–           The candidate’s research record and promise

–           The quality of the research proposal submitted

–           The contribution of the proposed research to the overall research strategy of the School.

Research support

Fellows will have access to the School’s research infrastructure, including support for travel, field work, observing, high performance computing, technical support, library resources, visitors etc on the same basis as other academic staff members.

Duties attaching to appointment

Fellows will devote themselves to research, either independently or as a member, or even leader, of a team, in accordance with the programme of work agreed between the Fellow and the School, and to the publication and promotion of this work through the standard academic channels. They will be required to actively participate in the intellectual life of the School by interacting with staff and visitors, attending talks and seminars and taking part in discussions. They may be requested to help supervise research students, and to assist in the preparation of funding proposals or to submit such proposals themselves.

Except in so far as may be otherwise permitted by the Council of the Institute, with the consent of the Governing Board of the School, intellectual property which results from study or research carried out by the Fellow shall be the property of the Institute. Professional work outside the School may only be undertaken with the prior consent of the Governing Board of the School given after consultation with the Minister for Education and Skills.

Obligations of Fellows

Fellows will be required to submit a progress report every twelve months to the Governing Board of the School on the work undertaken during that period together with a work plan for the following year.

Conditions of Appointment

Appointment will be on the basis of a fixed-term contract of up to five years. Employment for the first year will be on a probationary basis.

Application Procedure

Vacancies will be advertised as positions become available.