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Information for Visitors


The School’s computer system is based on Linux, a mix of diskless terminals and workstations. Each visitor is normally given a terminal and an account on the computer system. An envelope containing login details and basic information to get you started should either be with the Secretary, or on your desk. If this has not happened ask the School Secretary.


The following equipment can be provided:

  • an overhead projector
  • an LCD projector for computer display
  • a laptop PC

However, to avoid any last-minute surprises, let us know in advance:

  • what software you’ll need
  • what/when your presentation is
  • how you’ll transfer the presentation if you’re using the laptop

Bringing a Laptop (… and your adapter for UK plugs, please!)

If so configured, your laptop will auto-discover the network settings (i.e. DHCP).
If this isn’t the case, or if it doesn’t work, please contact the administrator (Room 302, extension 132) and ask for help.

Bringing files

We suggest bringing files on USB flash disk, or pulling them directly across the Internet once you arrive.


If you have any questions, ask the sysadmin.