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Personal home page

Can I create a personal home-page?

Anybody with an account on our system can create their own web-page, world visible.

  1. Create a directory called www under your home directory. e.g. mkdir ~/www
  2. Change the permissions on it to be world readable and executable, e.g. chmod a+rx ~/www.
  3. Change the permissions on your home directory to make it world executable only, e.g. chmod a+x,go-r ~. It is highly inadvisable to make your home directory both world readable and executable.
  4. Use the name “index.html” for the first page you want visitors to see.
  5. This page will be http://www.stp.dias.ie/~, e.g. the url for aeinstein would be http://www.stp.dias.ie/~aeinstein

What is permitted?

The School’s editorial policy is that it does not seek to censor the contents of personal webpages. However, the user will normally be considered responsible for anything published from their account. It will be assumed that users have read and accepted the Institute-wide Acceptable Use policy.