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Leaving User

Policy on closure of accounts for people leaving DIAS

  • This policy is intended to cover staff and scholars who leave the Institute on retirement, or to take up alternative employment, or as a result of their contracts expiring. Research associates, holders of honorary appointments and others who are engaged in on-going collaborative research with Institute staff will continue to be regarded as active staff members and are not covered by this policy.
  • People who are about to leave DIAS should discuss, in consultation with the IT staff and where appropriate with their head of section or supervisor, which files they wish to take with them, which may be deleted, and which should be transferred to another user. This should be decided at least one month in advance of the scheduled departure date. In some cases, and subject to procedures laid down by the finance office, it may be possible for individuals to purchase their institute laptops at residual inventory value to take with them.
  • Unless other arrangements are agreed, and approved by the relevant head of section, the IT staff will proceed as follows.
    • The user’s account(s) will be kept open for remote access for a mutually agreed period, normally one month, post departure and then closed down.
    • The user’s institute mailbox will be set to forward to a new address nominated by the departing individual for a period of six months. The following automated message will be sent to the sender of any forwarded messages: “This address is no longer in use and your message has been forwarded to new address Please update your address-book and use this for all future correspondence.”