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2011-07-15 – Seminar: Brad Alexander

15 July, 2011 (3pm), 5 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Speaker: Brad Alexander
Title: Preliminary results on: 3D MT Inversion through Evolution of Ellipsoid Functions


For some time genetic algorithms (GAs) have been successfully applied to the problem of 1D and 2D MT inversion. There is, however, a much smaller amount of work on the application of GAs to 3D inversion. This may be partly because traditional GA encodings of models can result in extremely long genomes when used to express 3D models. This talk describes new work that uses genomes that parametrically encode a model as a series of ellipsoidal volumetric functions (metaballs). This compact representation is much more amenable to evolution whilst still providing enough flexibility to express reasonably detailed models. The talk will present some very early results and discuss future directions in the development of the algorithm.