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2013-08-18 Summer School 2013

Summer School 2013


                Quantum Integrable Systems and Quantum Information


At Lawlors Hotel, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

18-24 August 2013



The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), in collaboration with Chalmers University, Gothenburg (Sweden), is organising a summer school on “Quantum Integrable Systems and Quantum Information Theory” from 18-24 August 2013. The School is aimed at postgraduate students and young researchers, as well as at higher level undergraduate students with an interest in quantum systems and/or quantum information theory. The school will take place in Lawlors Hotel, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Students are expected to fund their own flight and accommodation but all other costs are covered by DIAS, including speakers, coffees/teas and a bus which will be organised from Dublin airport to Dungarvan on Sunday 18th, returning Saturday 24th August. The speakers are: Dr. Nilanjana Datta (Cambridge), Dr Hans-Peter Eckle (Universität Ulm), Prof. Henrik Johannesson (Gothenburg), Prof. Simon Ruijsenaars (Leeds, UK) and Prof. Mark M. Wilde (Louisiana State University).










**Registration is now closed and there are no more places available**





The Summer School will be held in Lawlors hotel, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

Accommodation has been blocked-booked by DIAS for twin rooms and the registration fee to cover the cost of this shared accommodation is €360 in total.  (which includes b&b and evening dinner). It may be possible to book a single room for an additional supplement. If you prefer this option, a higher registration fee of €480 will be payable.

Accommodation is booked for 6 nights from Sunday 18th August to Friday 23rd August inclusive.





The speakers are:  Dr. Nilanjana Datta (Cambridge), Dr Hans-Peter Eckle (Universität Ulm), Prof. Henrik Johannesson (Gothenburg), Prof. Simon Ruijsenaars (Leeds, UK) and Prof. Mark M. Wilde (Louisiana State University).





Lecture Notes and Abstracts:

(Students are advised to familiarise themselves with these beforehand).


Dr. Nilanjana Datta :

Entropy and Information : lecture notes and for more details (Lecture 1- Lecture 5) on:  http://www.qi.damtp.cam.ac.uk/node/223
Lecture I : Basics of Classical Information Theory, Shannon entropy, relative entropy, data compression.
Lecture II: Asymptotic Equipartition Property, Typical Sequence theorem, Shannon’s Source Coding Theorem.
Lecture III: Entropies of pairs of random variables, transmission of information through a noisy channel, Shannon’s Noisy Channel Coding Theorem.

For more details: see lecture notes (Lecture 1- Lecture 5) on:  http://www.qi.damtp.cam.ac.uk/node/223


Dr Hans-Peter Eckle:

Exact solution of simple models for quantum information : abstract and recommended reading


Prof. Henrik Johannesson:

Quantum phase transitions in integrable systems: a quantum information perspective: abstract


Prof. Simon Ruijsenaars :

Quantum integrable systems of Calogero-Moser and Toda type : abstract


Prof. Mark M. Wilde : 

Lecture 1: Quantum information processing basics including qubits, Bloch sphere, reversible evolution, measurement, composite quantum systems, no-cloning theorem, entanglement and the CHSH game : lecture notes

Lecture 2: Quantum teleportation and super-dense coding : lecture notes

Lecture 3: Mixed quantum states and channels including density operators, reversible evolution and measurement of mixed states, POVM formalism, partial trace, noisy channels and the Choi-Kraus theorem, examples of noisy channels : lecture notes
Lecture 4: Quantum typicality and quantum data compression : lecture notes

Lecture 5: Classical communication and sequential decoding : lecture notes

Lecture 6: Quantum error correction and quantum capacity : lecture notes



Travel Information:


Where is Dungarvan?

Dungarvan is a small town on the south coast of Ireland, to the west of WaterfordLawlors hotel is in the centre of the town.

Street map of Dungarvan


dungarvancastle     harbour2      harbour3



Please note that the only feasible travel option to get to the conference location is to fly into Dublin Airport. Cork Airport has no direct public transport link to Dungarvan. Waterford Airport does not have any international flights.

DIAS will provide a bus free of charge to bring delegates from Dublin Airport to Dungarvan on the Sunday afternoon. The bus will leave Dublin Airport at 4:00pm on Sunday 18th August and it will then stop enroute at DIAS (10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4) leaving DIAS at approximately 4:45pm/5:00pm. Anyone arriving in Dublin before Sunday will be able to get this bus from DIAS on Sunday.  The bus will return to Dublin on Saturday 24th August. Return time to be confirmed.


In the event that you miss the DIAS bus, you will have to make your own travel arrangements to Dungarvan and cover the cost of this yourself including any additional accommodation costs. There is a public express coach from Dublin Airport to Waterford. However, the latest bus with a connection to Dungarvan leaves Dublin Airport at 5:00pm (timetable). Buses after that time only go as far as Waterford. If you are on a late flight, the options are:

(1) travel to Waterford on the public express coach. (Please contact us if this situation arises and we will advise on arrangements) (Waterford City Bus Station location)


(2)  stay in a hotel near Dublin Airport overnight and take the public express coach to Dungarvan the next morning.


Connections to Dublin City Centre for those arriving before Sunday: 

Aircoach service :  Buses from Dublin Airport to Burlington Hotel (Leeson Street Upper). NOTE: Please take the bus direction LEOPARDSTOWN


Directions to DIAS: 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4.  Directions


Contact Details:


Phone :  +353 1 6140122 (Mary Brennan)

         or +353 1 6140188 (Mary Burke)

         or +353 1 6140100 (DIAS Main Reception)