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School of Celtic Studies: New Lecture Series

From Late Antiquity to Early Modernity: Towards a New History of Gaelic Literature, A.D. 250–1750

A series of lectures in memory of Proinsias Mac Cana will be delivered in the Royal Irish Academy and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies by Professor David Dumville, Sixth-century Professor in History, Palaeography & Celtic, University of Aberdeen.  

18 February – 29 July


Threads and Titles:


  1. (lectures 1-8): Introductory and general
  2. (lectures 9-16): Interactions
  3. (lectures 17-24): Classes, genres, periods, transmissions
  4. (lectures 25-32): Continuity and change
  5. (lectures 33-40): Selected issues and summation


More details including dates and times for lectures can be viewed here.

Attendance is open to all. There will be no fee and no requirement to register.

Queries to info@celt.dias.ie.