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Matteo Ravenna

MRavenna Name:  Matteo Ravenna

Title: Phd Student

E-Mail: mravenna@cp.dias.ie

Phone: +353-1-653-51-47 ext 248

Address: School of Cosmic Physics, Geophysics Section, 5 Merrion Square Dublin 2, Ireland

Research Interests: Global and regional seismic tomography, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods applied to seismic inversion

Biographical Sketch :
Degree in Physics, University of Rome 3, Italy (2002)
M. Phil. Geophysics,  Imperial College London (2009)
Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer (2012)
Present: Phd student at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Selected Publications :

“Thermo-chemical interpretation of 1-D seismic data for the lower mantle: the significance of non-adiabatic thermal gradients and compositional heterogeneity”.  Cobden L., Goes S., Ravenna M., Styles E., Cammarano F., Gallagher K., Connolly J.  Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 114, 2009

“General Relativity Accuracy Test (GReAT): New configuration for the differential accelerometer”. V.Iafolla, D.M.Lucchesi, S.Nozzoli, M.Ravenna, F.Santoli, I.I.Shapiro, E.C.Lorenzini, M.L.Cosmo, C.Bombardelli, J.Ashenberg, P.N.Cheimets, S.Glashow.  Advances in Space Research, Vol. 47, 2011