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General Scholarship Information

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies was founded by Act of the Oireachtas (Legislature) in 1940.  At that time two constituent Schools were established, viz. the School of Celtic Studies and the School of Theoretical Physics.  In 1947 a third constituent School was established – the School of Cosmic Physics, having three sub-sections, viz. the Astronomy section (Dunsink Observatory, Co. Dublin), the Cosmic Ray section and the Geophysics section.

It is specified in the Establishment Order of each School that one of the functions and duties of the School is ‘the training of advanced students in methods of original research.’  This is done by the award each year of a limited number of research scholarships – scholarships are awarded for one year in the first instance and will be renewed, subject to satisfactory performance, for a further year; maximum tenure not to exceed three/four years.

The normal qualification required of candidates for scholarships is an Honours Masters or Ph.D. degree, or its equivalent, in an appropriate and relevant subject, who can produce evidence of capacity for original research.  When appointed, each scholar is expected to pursue a definite line of research under the direction of one of the Senior Professors.

Scholarships or grants cannot be awarded to candidates for study elsewhere; scholars are required to be in full-time attendance in the Schools.

Scholarships are awarded without consideration of nationality, provided that the candidate satisfies Irish immigration requirements for residence in Dublin during the period of the Scholarship.  Application forms are available from individual schools.

Scholarships Income is provided – the current rates are €17,500 for Masters Degree holders and €25,000 for Ph.D holders.   This income is normally tax-free but the position is that individual cases are determined by the Revenue Commissioners.

Scholarships are intended to enable their holders to establish a research career in one of the fields for which the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies has responsibility.  DIAS is not a teaching institution; it does not provide set courses of lectures and has no power to award degrees.  Individual Schools do, however, arrange for seminars, regular or occasional, in specialised subjects.