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Alessio Caratti o Garatti


Name: Dr Alessio Caratti o Garatti

Title: Researcher

E-Mail: alessio@cp.dias.ie

Phone: +353 1 4406656 ext. 342
Address: DIAS, A&A Section, 31 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland

Related Links: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alessio_Caratti_o_Garatti

Publication list: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-abs_connect?library&libname=Alessio+Caratti+o+Garatti&libid=55ec9d6e9b

Research Interests ): Star formation, protostellar jets & disks, low-mass and high-mass YSOs, optical-infrared interferometry.

Biographical Sketch:
Alessio Caratti o Garatti got degree in Physics at Univeristy of Rome “La Sapienza” (2001), and completed his PhD in Astronomy at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (2006). He worked on protostellar jets in the NIR (2006-2008) as an experienced researcher in the FP6 Marie Curie Research & Training Network ‘JETSET’ (at the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg, Tautenburg, Germany). As a post-dcotoral researcher, he worked in the ‘Spitzer Gould Belt Survey Legacy’ at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (2009-2011) and in infrared interferometry of YSOs at the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy in Bonn, Germany (2012-2014). From 2014 he is working again at DIAS where he is involved in the scientific exploitation of GRAVITY at VLTI and MIRI on the JWST.

Selected Publications:

Caratti o Garatti A. et al. “Tracing jet emission at the base of a high-mass YSO. First AMBER/VLTI observations of the Brγ emission in IRAS 13481-6124” 2016, A&A 589, L4 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2016A%26A…589L…4C

Caratti o Garatti A. et al. “AMBER/VLTI high spectral resolution observations of the Brγ emitting region in HD 98922. A compact disc wind launched from the inner disc region” 2015, A&A 582, A44 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2015A%26A…582A..44C

Caratti o Garatti A. et al. “A near-infrared spectroscopic survey of massive jets towards extended green objects” 2015, A&A 572, A82 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2015A%26A…573A..82C

Caratti o Garatti A., Garcia Lopez R., et al. “The outburst of an embedded low-mass YSO in L1641” 2011 A&A 526, L1 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2011A%26A…526L…1C

Caratti o Garatti A. et al. “H2 active jets in the near IR as a probe of protostellar evolution” 2006, A&A 449, 1077