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Thursday 20th October 2016: STP Seminar (Double Bill) – With Speakers Malcolm J. Perry & Paul Feehan

Thurs 20th Oct: 2pm Malcolm J Perry (DAMTP) / 3.30pm Paul Feehan (Rutgers)
Speaker: Malcolm J Perry (DAMTP, Cambridge) 

Time: 2pm, Thursday 20th Oct 2016 

Title: The Black Hole Information Paradox revisited 

Abstract: I will briefly introduce the black hole information paradox and then move on to discuss soft hair on black holes in quantum electrodynamics and gravity. I will then conclude by explaining how this might help resolve the information paradox and review the steps that will be needed to achieve this goal.
Speaker: Paul Feehan (Rutgers) 

Time: 3.30pm, Thursday 20th Oct 2016 

Title: Energy discreteness and gradient flows for harmonic map and Yang-Mills energy functionals 

Abstract: The Lojasiewicz-Simon gradient inequality is a generalization, due to Leon Simon (1983), to analytic functionals on Banach manifolds of the finite-dimensional gradient inequality, due to Stanislaw Lojasiewicz (1963), for analytic functions on Euclidean space. We shall discuss several recent generalizations of the Lojasiewicz-Simon gradient inequality and a selection of their applications, such as global existence and convergence of Yang-Mills gradient flow over four-dimensional manifolds and discreteness of the energy spectra for harmonic maps from Riemann surfaces into analytic Riemannian manifolds and Yang-Mills connections over four-dimensional manifolds.
Place: Lecture Room, 1st Floor, School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4