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Thursday 6th July: STP Seminar – “Quantum engineering using magnetic fields: Quantum Magnetomechanics”

Title: Quantum engineering using magnetic fields: Quantum Magnetomechanics

Speaker: Jason Twamley (Macquarie University, Sydney)

Abstract: Optomechanics – the control and manipulation of mesocopic objects towards the quantum regime, has attracted much attention. The use of light however, brings with it several problems, scattering noise being just one. In this talk we introduce a new approach to control the quantum motion of mescoscopic objects using magnetic fields. We describe our proposal to levitate and cool superconducting objects using magnetic fields and superconducting quantum circuits, how such levitated objects can be used for high precision gravimetry, specific experimental designs for ultra-strong and deep strong coupling using magnetomechanics and how one can engineer spin squeezing and spin Cats using magnetomechanics.

Time: Thursday 6th July 2017, 2.30pm.

Place: Seminar Room, School of Celtic Studies, DIAS, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4.