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2019-01-17, 12:00, Dr. Salvatore Orlando (INAF-Palermo, Italy), Modelling mass accretion processes in young stellar objects.

Dr. Salvatore Orlando

INAF-Palermo, Italy

Modelling mass accretion processes in young stellar objects.


Accretion of matter is a process that plays a central role in the physics of young stellar objects. The analysis of the structure by which matter settles on the star can unveil key information about the process of star formation by providing details on mass accretion rates, stellar magnetic field configurations, possible effects of accretion on the stellar coronal activity, etc. Here I review some of the results obtained by the group at INAF/OAPA by using multi-dimensional MHD models of accretion processes in young stars. In particular, I will discuss: 1) the effects of a strong flaring activity that occurs in proximity of an accretion disk and leads to perturbations of the disk and to mass accretion episodes and 2) the dynamics, stability, and structure of accretion columns that hit the surface of a classical T Tauri star, producing shocks.

Location: 31 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2

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