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2019-05-21, 15:00: Dr. Sara Bonito (INAF-Palermo Observatory)

Dr. Sara Bonito

INAF-Palermo Observatory

Accretion/Ejection Processes in Young Stars: An Interdisciplinary Approach.


I will talk about my research on stellar jets and accretion processes in young stellar objects at INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo but also in the context of international collaborations.

I will focus on the multi-band (mainly optical and X-rays) data analysis of the shocks formed at the interaction front between a supersonic jet and the ambient medium, also discussing the physical parameters that can be derived (jet-to-ambient density contrast, location of the optical and X-ray emission, proper motion of the internal knots,…).
I will present the results of the numerical simulations and the tool developed to synthesize from the models the parameters that can be directly compared with the multi-band observations of jets.
Then I will discuss some open issues in the context of accretion process in young stars, discussing a multi-band (optical, UV, and X-rays) analysis of these shocks.
The novelty of our approach is the interdisciplinary method, which combines multi-band observations, numerical models, and laboratory experiments, both for jets and for accretion shocks in young stars.
Future perspectives with next generation instruments (e.g. Athena and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope – LSST) will be discussed.

Location: 31 Fitzwilliam Place

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