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Wednesday 4th September : STP Seminar – Poisson-Lie Analogues of Spin Sutherland Model

Title: Poisson-Lie Analogues of Spin Sutherland Model

Speaker: Dr. Feher Laszlo (Wigner Research Centre, Budapest)

Abstract: We present generalizations of the well-known trigonometric spin Sutherland models, which were derived by Hamiltonian reduction of ‘free motion’ on cotangent bundles of compact simple Lie groups based on the conjugation action. Our models result by reducing the corresponding Heisenberg doubles with the aid of a Poisson-Lie analogue of the conjugation action. We explain that the solutions of the reduced equations of motion emerge from geodesics on the compact Lie group and possess many first integrals. We also show that the reduced main Hamiltonians’ reproduce the spin Sutherland model by keeping only their leading terms. Finally, if time permits, we shall briefly outline a bi-Hamiltonian framework for these systems that we recently found in the U(n) case.

Time: Wednesday, 4 September 2019, 2:30pm

Location: Lecture Room, 1st Floor, School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4