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2019-11-26, 12:00: Dr. D. Morosan (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Dr. Diana Morosan

University of Helsinki, Finlad

The nature and origin of radio emission and accelerated particles during solar eruptions

Abstract : Flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the Sun are the most powerful and spectacular explosions in the solar system, capable of releasing vast amounts of magnetic energy over relatively short periods of time. These phenomena are often associated with particle acceleration processes that are often observed directly by spacecraft here at Earth. At the Sun, there are no direct methods of measuring these particles, which is necessary to predict their origin and propagation direction through the heliosphere. However, accelerated particles, in particular fast electrons, can generate emission at radio wavelengths through various mechanisms. Here, we exploit radio observations of various types of radio bursts that accompany CME eruptions on the Sun, in particular radio bursts that show movement with the CME expansion in the low solar corona. Using multi-wavelength analysis, reconstruction of the radio emission and CME in three dimensions, we aim to determine the sources and locations of particle acceleration during these eruptions. Such studies are important to understand CMEs and their potential space weather impacts to ultimately improve the lead time to these impacts here at Earth.