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Yang-Baxter Integrable Lindblad Equations

Title: Yang-Baxter Integrable Lindblad Equations

Speaker: Aleksandra A. Ziolkowska (Oxford University)

Abstract: Open quantum system become increasingly relevant in the atomic and molecular physics, circuit QED and optomechanical systems. Despite their relevance, the methods used to approach them are far less developed than for the closed systems. In the talk I will show how for a large group of Markovian open quantum systems it is possible to obtain exact solutions through a connection with integrable models. I will describe how such a correspondence can be established, what information about the open systems can we obtain and what are the remaining issues in this area. The talk is based on the work presented in arXiv:1911.04883.

Time: Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 2.30pm

Location: Lecture Room, School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS,
10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4