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Insights Into Non-perturbative Properties of Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory Using Numerical Lattice Simulations

Title: Insights into non-perturbative properties of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory using numerical lattice simulations

Speaker: Georg Bergner (University of Jena)

Abstract: In this talk I will summarize the results of our numerical investigations of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. I will first review the generic problem of representing a supersymmetric theory on the lattice. Two basic non-perturbative aspects of the theory will be considered: the bound state particle spectrum and the phase transitions. I will present our final results for the bound state multiplets of the theory. Then I will discuss the interesting pattern of the phase transitions. The confinement transition is connected to a semiclassical regime that is accessible by analytical methods.

Time: Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 2.30pm

Location: Lecture Room, School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS,
10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4