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Johanna Erdmenger (Universität Würzburg)

Title: Gauge/Gravity duality – Further Insights and New Applications:
Modular Flow and New Dirac Materials

Abstract: I will present two recent papers of our research group that are only very loosely related. The first part of my talk will be devoted to a new technique for evaluating modular flow for free 1+1-dimensional fermions. Modular flow is a symmetry of the algebra of observables associated to spacetime regions. Being closely related to entanglement, it has played a key role in recent connections between information theory, QFT and gravity. Our new approach is based on the resolvent of complex analysis. We evaluate the modular flow for  disjoint regions in different geometries and study its locality properties. Our results allow to further explore the connection between spacetime and entanglement. The second part of my talk will be devoted to an interdisciplinary project of holographers and condensed matter physicists, in which we propose new Dirac materials, in particular Scandium-Herbertsmithite, as new candidates for realising a viscous electron fluid. The effective electron-electron coupling is enhanced by a factor of 3.2 as compared to graphene, putting non-linear behaviour such as turbulence within reach.
Based on 1911.06810 (published in Nature Communications)  and 2008.07532

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