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Ville Vaskonen (King’s College London)


Title: Primordial Black Holes in Light of LIGO/Virgo Observations

Abstract: Assuming that a fraction of dark matter is in primordial black
holes (PBHs), a population of PBH binaries is formed before matter-radiation
equality from large Poisson fluctuations in their spatial distribution. In
this talk I will show that many of these binaries are disrupted by a nearby
PBH or a small cluster of PBHs, yet a large fraction of them survives until
they merge. I will present a derivation for a lower bound on the PBH merger
rate and show that the LIGO/Virgo observations give the strongest constraint
on the abundance of O(10) solar mass PBHs. I will also show that the PBH
binaries can be responsible for the LIGO/Virgo events if 0.2% of dark matter
is in PBHs with a narrow mass function that peaks at ~20 solar mass.

Talk – Video

Talk – Slides