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2021-01-26, 15:00: Dr. Bin Chen (NJIT)

Dr. Bin Chen

New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

Solar Flare Energy Release: New Insights from Recent Radio Observations

Abstract: Solar flares involve the catastrophic release of magnetic energy through magnetic reconnection. Solar flares are also highly efficient particle accelerators, capable of accelerating a significant fraction of available charged particles to relativistic energies within a short time. Radio observations offer unique diagnostics for both the plasma environment at or near the magnetic reconnection site and the flare-accelerated high-energy electrons. In the past decade, we have enjoyed a major transition in solar radio astronomy as it has evolved from imaging at a few discrete frequencies to true imaging spectroscopy over a wide frequency range at a fast time cadence, known as “broadband dynamic imaging spectroscopy”. In this talk, I will highlight some of our recent results based on this new technique, using observations from the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array and the Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array.