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Dale Weigt

Name: Dale Weigt

Title: Postgraduate Researcher (visiting from the University of Southampton)

Email: D.M.Weigt@soton.ac.uk or weigt@cp.dias.ie

Address: School of Cosmic Physics, DIAS Dunsink Observatory, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin 15, Ireland.

Research Interests

Studies of X-ray auroral emissions:

  • Multi-wavelength (including comparisons with radio, UV, solar activity) and multi-instrument analysis, focusing on the spatial and temporal behaviour of remote sensing and in-situ data.
  • Main focus is on the planetary magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn to determine the driver behind X-ray emissions.
  • Determine the dependence of the auroral emissions with external drivers (e.g. the solar wind) and internal drivers (e.g. plasma ejected from moons).

Biographical Sketch

Dale’s research interests are focused on the magnetospheres of the outer planets; the mechanisms which produce the auroral phenomena we frequently observe and how this may be linked to solar activity. Throughout his undergraduate degree in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Glasgow, Dale worked with many in the solar physics group. The main focus of his work was looking at the solar disk using NuSTAR to find very faint solar phenomena that would be undetectable from other, less sensitive solar observatories. Dale now works with Caitriona Jackman as part of the new planetary magnetospheres group at DIAS (visiting from the University of Southampton). Using his previous skills at analysing X-ray data, he hopes to aid the current research effort to help hone in on the driver producing the unique X-ray aurora on Jupiter which has not yet been observed on other gas giants (e.g. Saturn) and how solar activity and other influences may have an effect.

ORCID: 0000-0001-5427-6537

Funding: Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)