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Marlon Brenes (Trinity College Dublin )

Title: Tensor-network Method to Simulate Strongly Interacting Quantum Thermal Machines

Abstract: I will introduce a novel methodology to simulate the quantum thermodynamics of thermal machines which are built from an interacting working medium in contact with fermionic reservoirs at a fixed temperature and chemical potential.  The method works at a finite temperature, beyond linear response and weak system-reservoir coupling, and allows for non-quadratic interactions in the working medium. The method uses mesoscopic reservoirs, continuously damped toward thermal equilibrium, in order to represent continuum baths and a novel tensor-network algorithm to simulate the steady-state thermodynamics. Using the example of a quantum-dot heat engine, I will demonstrate that the technique replicates the well-known Landauer-Büttiker theory for efficiency and power. We then go beyond the quadratic limit to demonstrate the capability of our method by simulating a three-site machine with non-quadratic interactions. Remarkably, we find that such interactions lead to power enhancement, without being detrimental to the efficiency. Furthermore, I will demonstrate the capability of the method to tackle complex many-body systems by extracting the superdiffusive exponent for high-temperature transport in the isotropic Heisenberg model. Finally, I will discuss
transport in the gapless phase of the anisotropic Heisenberg model at a finite temperature and its connection to charge conjugation parity, going beyond the predictions of single-site boundary driving configurations.

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