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Peter Millington (University of Nottingham)

Title: Non-Hermiticity: a new paradigm for model building in particle physics

Abstract: Non-Hermitian quantum theories have been applied in many other areas of physics. In this talk, I will review recent developments in the formulation of non-Hermitian quantum field theories, highlighting features that are unique compared to Hermitian theories. I will describe their second quantisation, their crucial discrete symmetries and how continuous symmetry properties are borne out, including Noether’s theorem, the Goldstone theorem and the Englert-Brout-Higgs mechanism. As examples, I will describe non-Hermitian deformations of QED, the Higgs-Yukawa theory and flavour oscillations, illustrating the potential implications for the neutrino sector.  Together, these results pave the way for a systematic programme of non-Hermitian model building beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

Talk – Video

Talk – Slides