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Jason Twamley ( Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)

Title: Towards quantum sensing using nonlinear quantum systems

Abstract: Quantum technology promises new types of quantum machines including quantum computers, communications and sensors.  In this talk I will focus on the more near-term goal of developing precision sensors using quantum technology. It is paramount, when designing new types of sensors, to understand how the precision, or uncertainty, in the reading of the sensor can be improved either by increasing the measurement time or other resources. The shot-noise, standard quantum limit and Heisenberg limit in sensing refers to how the imprecision of the estimate scales with these resources. I will outline our recent work on how to generate quantum dynamics which can achieve an imprecision which scales faster than 1/N, where N is the mean photon number of the sensing bosonic mode, i.e. the scheme outperforms the Heisenberg limit for metrology. In fact very few experiments have even demonstrated Heisenberg scaling in their imprecision. We show how our improved scheme can be used to perform magnetometry and force sensing with super-Heisenberg scaling in the resource.

Talk – Video