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Zlatko Papic (University of Leeds)

Title: Non-equilibrium dynamics of fractional quantum Hall states

Abstract: For nearly four decades, fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states have continued to fuel a broad interest in topological phases of matter and their unique properties such as fractionalisation, protected edge excitations, and exotic quasiparticles. However, out-of-equilibrium dynamics of FQH phases remains an uncharted territory, as its understanding is inextricably linked with the geometrical properties of such systems that are beyond the remit of purely-topological quantum field theories. In this talk I will present our recent works on studying non-equilibrium response of FQH systems to a geometric quench — the sudden deformation of the manifold that the FQH state lives in. I will show that these special types of quenches have several unique applications: (i) they directly probe the Girvin-MacDonald-Platzman collective mode, recently identified as an analog of the FQH “graviton” excitation in the long-wavelength limit; (ii) when the FQH system is squeezed along one direction, its dynamics bears some parallels with quantum-scarred systems and it can be efficiently implemented on noisy intermediate scale (NISQ) quantum hardware; (iii) geometric quench provides a window into the elusive parton nature of the FQH effect that only becomes visible at high energies, reminiscent of the emergence of quarks in high-energy particle accelerators.

Talk – Video

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