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Dr. Venus Keus

Despite its great accordance with experiment, the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics falls short of explaining several aspects of nature. Therefore, it is widely accepted that one needs to consider beyond SM scenarios in pursuit of an ultimate theory of nature. A common characteristic of such scenarios, is an extended scalar sector, suggesting that the observed scalar at the LHC is just one member of a larger Higgs potential. My research focuses on non-minimal Higgs frameworks along the following directions:

  • Baryogenesis, Leptogenesis
  • Dynamics of electroweak phase transition
  • Dark Matter
  • CP-violation
  • Inflation
  • Fermion mass hierachy
  • Collider phenomenology
  • Gravitational waves

At DIAS, I have established the particle physics and early universe cosmology group.
My current team members are:

  • Postdoc: Dr. Atri Dey
  • PhD student: Ms. Jasmine Thomson-Cooke