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Internationally acclaimed scientific integrity expert Elisabeth Bik to deliver DIAS Day Lecture

(14.06.2022) Scientific integrity expert and microbiologist Dr. Elisabeth Bik will deliver the annual Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies ‘DIAS Day Lecture’ on Wednesday, 22nd June at 6pm. The lecture will explore “The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Research”.

Elisabeth Bik is a Dutch microbiologist and scientific integrity expert. Dr. Bik is known for her work detecting photo manipulation in scientific publications and identifying over 4,000 potential cases of improper research conduct. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Bik generated high-profile international attention when she questioned the methodology of a paper that claimed hydroxychloroquine was effective in treating the virus.

In 2021, Dr. Bik was awarded the John Maddox Prize for “outstanding work exposing widespread threats to research integrity in scientific papers”.

The annual DIAS Day lecture is an occasion for a distinguished speaker to address an important area of fundamental research for mankind. Previous speakers have included Nobel laureate and theoretical physicist Professor Gerard ‘t Hooft and marine scientist Professor Terry Hughes.

Commenting today (14.06.22), Dr. Eucharia Meehan, CEO and Registrar of DIAS, said: “We are delighted Dr. Bik is delivering this year’s DIAS Day Lecture. Dr. Bik is world renowned for her work on scientific integrity. This an area which is increasingly under the spotlight as we are living through an era where misinformation is actively spread, and falsehoods are frequently left unchallenged. Integrity in science, and indeed in all research is vital, to build both trust and knowledge.  DIAS invites all those who are interested to attend what promises to be a fascinating lecture.”

The lecture is free to attend and will be delivered online. To register to attend, visit the Eventbrite page here.