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Samhain agus Science 2020

Samhain agus Science is an annual initiative of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies taking place each year during Halloween. From spooky science to the mysteries of the Celtic festival of Samhain, DIAS scholars from the Schools of… Read More

DIAS & The Dublin Tech Summit

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) is delighted to take part in the 2020 Dublin Tech Summit as a partner in the Dublin Region Innovation Consortium (DRIC) and welcomes opportunities to discuss industry collaborations and knowledge transfer. DIAS… Read More

DIAS announces line-up for Culture Night 2020

Light-speed talks from leading astrophysicists, a virtual tour of the world famous Dunsink Observatory, and delving into the geohazards of the modern world are among the programme of events being hosted by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies… Read More

DIAS Astrophysics Group Joins EuroHPC Academic Flagship Programme

On Friday 11th September, a DIAS Astrophysics research group led by Dr Jonathan Mackey (Royal Society – Science Foundation Ireland University Research Fellow) was announced as one of seven academic projects which will be supported by the new… Read More

DIAS scientists make major discovery on the formation of new stars

An international team, led by scientists from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), has directly observed for the first time how young stars are formed. Their findings have been published in the prestigious journal Nature this week…. Read More

H.E.S.S. Collaboration detects gigantic particle accelerator spanning thousands of light years

A new paper by the H.E.S.S. collaboration, including DIAS scientists Prof. Felix Aharonian, Prof. Emeritus Luke Drury and Dr. Jonathan Mackey, is published in the journal Nature on 18th June 2020. Careful analysis of the H.E.S.S. observations showed… Read More

What DIAS means to me

We have had an incredibly unusual start to this year by all accounts and we have learned through practice our amazing ability to adapt. But even though we have been working from home over the course of this… Read More

Work led by DIAS Astronomers Reveals Atmosphere of Antares

An international team of astronomers led by DIAS’s Dr Eamon O’Gorman has created the most detailed map yet of the atmosphere of the red supergiant star Antares. The unprecedented sensitivity and resolution of both the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter… Read More

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies celebrates 80 years of Discovery

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) is marking its unique mission and rich legacy of ground-breaking discoveries with a week of on-line events culminating in DIAS Day on Friday, 19th June , which marks the 80th anniversary since… Read More

2020-07-29, 16:00: Dr. Kiri Wagstaff (NASA JPL)

Dr. Kiri Wagstaff Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA Machine Learning for Discovery in Radio and Optical Astronomy Investigations Abstract: Machine learning provides the ability to quickly sift through large data sets to identify observations… Read More