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2021-03-30, 15:00: Dr. Stanley Owocki (University of Delaware)

Dr. Stanley Owocki University of Delaware, USA Magnetospheres of Magnetic Massive Stars Abstract: Massive, luminous, hot stars lack the hydrogen recombination convection zone that induces the magnetic dynamo cycle of cooler, solar-type stars. Nonetheless, modern spectropolarimetry has revealed… Read More

2021-06-08, 15:00: Dr. Jennifer Carter (University of Leicester)

Dr. Jennifer Carter University of Leicester, UK Finding our SMILE Abstract: TBC

2021-05-18, 15:00: Prof. Philippe Zarka (Observatoire de Paris)

Prof. Philippe Zarka Observatoire de Paris, France Perspectives on ground-based observations of Jupiter Abstract: Radio emissions from Jupiter have been studied for 66 years from the ground and 44 years from space. Although our knowledge has much progressed,… Read More

2021-05-04, 15:00: Mr. Mayur Bakrania (UCL)

Mr. Mayur Bakrania University College London, UK Applying unsupervised learning and outlier detection methods to characterise magnetotail plasma sheet populations and instabilities Abstract: Collisionless space plasma environments are characterised by distinct particle populations that typically do not mix…. Read More

2021-04-20, 15:00: Ms. Tatiana Pavlidou, Mr. Sam Pearson and Dr. Aleks Scholz (University of St. Andrews)

Ms. Tatiana Pavlidou, Mr. Sam Pearson and Dr. Aleks Scholz University of St. Andrews, UK Going wide and deep: the quest for a census of young stars and brown dwarfs Abstract: Surveys are the foundation of all disciplines… Read More

2021-04-13, 15:00: Dr. Jonathan Nichols (University of Leicester)

Dr. Jonathan Nichols University of Leicester, UK The auroras of Jupiter and Saturn with Hubble: recent results Abstract: Planetary auroras are excited when energetic charged particles funnel down a planet’s magnetic field lines and impact the atmosphere. They… Read More

2021-04-06, 15:00: Dr. Felipe De Oliveira Alves (MPE)

Dr. Felipe De Oliveira Alves Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, Germany Growing stars and planets in the furrows of Barnard 59 Abstract: Recent observations at different evolutionary stages of protostellar evolution have revealed the presence of accretion streamers from… Read More

2021-03-09, 15:00: Dr. Abigail Azari (UC Berkeley)

Dr. Abigail Azari University of California, Berkeley Integrating Data Science and Planetary Science – Building Statistical Views of Planetary Space Environments Abstract: The best estimations of data size returned from the earliest generation of interplanetary missions launched in the… Read More

2021-02-16, 15:00: Mr. Kevin Nolan (TUD)

Mr. Kevin Nolan Technological University Dublin , Ireland Mars, the Search for Origins (ASI Colloquium) Abstract: Mars shared an early history not dissimilar to Earth, and so the origin of life there is considered plausible. This talk looks… Read More

2021-02-09, 15:00: Dr. Laura Hayes (NASA)

Dr. Laura Hayes National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA Solar flares and their effects of the Earth’s ionosphere Abstract: Solar flare activity is a powerful factor affecting the geophysical processes of planetary atmospheres. On Earth, the enhancement of… Read More