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2018-09-19, 15:00, Dr. Rob Izzard (University of Surrey), Circumbinary discs around post-AGB stars

Dr. Rob Izzard University of Surrey Circumbinary discs around post-AGB stars Abstract: Post-AGB stars with discs are all binary systems. Post-AGB binaries are also eccentric, in every sense of the word. Given that many post-AGB objects likely experienced… Read More

Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminar Schedule 2018

March Wed. 7th, 12:00:   Prof. Daniel J. Kennefick (University of Arkansas) Tue. 27th, 14:30:  Prof. Peter Coles (Maynooth University) April Wed. 11th, 15:00:  Dr. Hendrik Hildebrandt (Argelander-Institut für Astronomie, Bonn) Wed. 24th, 15:00:  Prof. M. Takami (Academia… Read More