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2009-03-27 – Pluto and Planets X: Is Pluto a Planet? And Why Does It Matter?

On Friday March 27th in Dunsink Observatory,  Brother Guy Consomagno (Vatican Astronomer) will give a talk entitled “Pluto and Planets X: Is Pluto a Planet? And Why Does It Matter?” Some 15 years ago, the first “trans-Neptunian Object”… Read More

2008-10-15 – Human Amniotic Fluid as a New Source for Stem Cell Research

Wednesday 15th October 2008, in the Schrödinger Theatre, Trinity College Dublin, Professor Markus Hengstschläger will  present the Schrödinger lecture entitled “Human amniotic fluid as a new source for stem cell research”

Astrophysics Past News

Astrophysics Past News The ‘comet factory’ that could explain how planets formed – DIAS astronomer in team using the world’s biggest Telescope, June 2013 2013 O’Ceallaigh Medal DIAS Professor elected Vice-President of the new IAU Division in High… Read More

Astrophysics Latest News

          2nd October 2015 – DIAS helps UCD and NUIG win major H2020    project The European Commission is investing some 140M in a range of High Performance Computing projects across Europe. DIAS has been instrumental over the last… Read More


DIAS is a member of the H.E.S.S. (High Energy Stereoscopic System) collaboration which operates a system of imaging atmospheric cherenkov telescopes in Namibia. Current members of the HESS team working in DIAS are Prof. Luke Drury and Prof…. Read More

Particle Acceleration Theory, Interstellar Gas Dynamics and Plasma Astrophysics

In very many astronomical systems, ranging in scale from planetary magnetospheres to clusters of galaxies, we see evidence of charged particles with energies very much higher than those of the bulk thermal distributions in these systems. This evidence… Read More

Astroparticle Physics: Gamma Ray Astronomy, X-ray Astronomy and Neutrino Astronomy

Astroparticle Physics is a modern interdisciplinary research field at the interface of astronomy, high energy physics and cosmology. It addresses a diversity of phenomena related to the Universe in their most energetic and violent forms. Our research interests… Read More

Gamma Ray Bursts and Active Galaxies

Interests in High Energy Astrophysics is primarily focused on extragalactic objects, studied using primarliy X-ray and IR observations from satellites. The investigations deal mainly with Active Galactic Nuclei, galaxies with sarbursts and clusters of galaxies. Observational efforts feature… Read More

Star Formation

Stars begin their lives in molecular clouds, vast reservoirs of gas and dust of which there are many in our galaxy. In the past two decades we have learnt that the formation of stars involves not only the… Read More

Astronomy and Astrophysis Projects

Astronomy and Astrophysics Projects Raytracing Simulations of Elephant Trunks H.E.S.S. The Irish National e-Infrastructure (eINIS)