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April 2011 – Seismology in Schools Facebook page

Seismology in Schools has set up a new Facebook Page. There are also plans to set up a Twitter page which will be live soon. The page was set up due to the fact that there are numberous… Read More

April 2011 – Collaboration between Oskar Klein Centre and Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

An international collaboration between researchers at the Oskar Klein Centre (OKC) and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) was formed last week at Dunsink Observatory, where the first joint OKC-DIAS workshop is to take place in September-October… Read More

March 2011 – New pattern of continental deformation identified

Media in Ireland have reported on the discovery of a previously unknown pattern of deformation of continental lithosphere, made by Sergei Lebedev and Celine Tirel (Geophysics Section, DIAS) and their co-workers in Germany. The team measured slight directional… Read More

March 2011 – Professor Luke Drury, Director of the School of Cosmic Physics, elected President of the Royal Irish Academy

We are pleased to announce that Professor Luke Drury, Director of the School of Cosmic Physics, was elected President of the Royal Irish Academy on 16th March 2011. He is the 54th President of the Academy since it… Read More

March 2011 – Earthquake in NE Coast of Japan

On March 11th 2011, at 05:46 (GMT) a M 8.9 earthquake struck of the North East Coast of Japan. It has caused fatalities and there is a widespread flooding and fires in the Tokyo region. Because the focus… Read More

November 2010 : e-INIS federated access pilot moves to Production

November, 2010 Students To Have Online Access to Lecture Notes, Books, Resources in Every Higher Education Campus In a major technological development announced today, Ireland moves closer to a higher education system where courses can be delivered across… Read More

September 2010 – Mallet Exhibiton at DIAS

Oct, 2010 History might not make you quake but Dublin born Robert Mallet (1810 – 1881) is considered by many as the father of seismology (study of earthquakes). DIAS has the pleasure of holding an exhibition celebrating the… Read More

September 2010 – Mallet Exhibition at RDS

A major exhibition to mark the bi-centenary of Dubliner Robert Mallet (the ‘father’ of modern geology) and to celebrate his work opened recently at the RDS. Mallet was a scientifically-minded engineer, whose work laid the basis for modern… Read More

June 2010 – IRON network goes live

IRON network goes live with 10GB link between DIAS and UCC

January 2010 – DIAS Shares the Rossi Prize

Professor Felix Aharonian, Astonomy and Astrophysics section – School of Cosmic Physics, has won a prestigious award from the American Astronomical Society. The 2010 Rossi prize was awarded to Felix Aharonian, Werner Hoffmann, Heinz Voelk and the H.E.S.S…. Read More