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March 2012 – DIAS Geophysics Scholar Wins Best Student Talk Prize

Andrew Schaeffer from the Geophysics section of the School of Cosmic Physics won the best student talk prize at the recent 2012 Irish Geological Research Meeting (IGRM). The 2012 IGRM took place at University College Cork from February… Read More

February 2012 – DIAS astronomer provides explanation for radiation detected from the Crab Pulsar

An explanation for recently detected radiation from the Crab Pulsar – one of the brightest persistent gamma-ray sources in the sky – is proposed in Nature this week. The pulses of very high-energy gamma-ray emission are ascribed to… Read More

26 January 2012 – Earthquake in Donegal

At 01:04am on January 26th the INSN seismic station IDGL in Donegal recorded a minor earthquake in the region north of Buncrana.

January 2012 – Werner Nahm – The Embedding of Quantum Field Theory in Mathematics

Professor Werner Nahm recently gave a talk entitled “The Embedding of Quantum Field Theory in Mathematics” during the Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Field Theory Workshop in the Simon Center for Geometry on the 18th of January 2012.  Video… Read More

September 2011 – Statutory Public Lecture – School of Theoretical Physics

Professor Cumrun Vafa recently visited DIAS and gave the 2011 Statutory Public Lecture of the School of Theoretical Physics. The lecture was held in Trinity College on Saturday 19th November and was entitled “Geometric Physics“.  The talk reviewed… Read More

October 2011 – Space Science Week Visitor

The NASA Astronaut, Lieutenant Colonel Robert S. Kimbrough visited Dunsink Observatory on Thursday 6th October. He gave a talk on his recent mission on the STS-126 Endeavour and there was a Q&A session on his life as an… Read More

May 2011 – Professor Werner Nahm, Director of the School of Theoretical Physics, elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society

We are pleased to announce that Professor Werner Nahm, Director of the School of Theoretical Physics, was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society on 19 May 2011. The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world’s… Read More

April 2011 – Seismology in Schools Facebook page

Seismology in Schools has set up a new Facebook Page. There are also plans to set up a Twitter page which will be live soon. The page was set up due to the fact that there are numberous… Read More

April 2011 – Collaboration between Oskar Klein Centre and Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

An international collaboration between researchers at the Oskar Klein Centre (OKC) and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) was formed last week at Dunsink Observatory, where the first joint OKC-DIAS workshop is to take place in September-October… Read More

March 2011 – New pattern of continental deformation identified

Media in Ireland have reported on the discovery of a previously unknown pattern of deformation of continental lithosphere, made by Sergei Lebedev and Celine Tirel (Geophysics Section, DIAS) and their co-workers in Germany. The team measured slight directional… Read More