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November 2010 : e-INIS federated access pilot moves to Production

November, 2010 Students To Have Online Access to Lecture Notes, Books, Resources in Every Higher Education Campus In a major technological development announced today, Ireland moves closer to a higher education system where courses can be delivered across… Read More

September 2010 – Mallet Exhibiton at DIAS

Oct, 2010 History might not make you quake but Dublin born Robert Mallet (1810 – 1881) is considered by many as the father of seismology (study of earthquakes). DIAS has the pleasure of holding an exhibition celebrating the… Read More

September 2010 – Mallet Exhibition at RDS

A major exhibition to mark the bi-centenary of Dubliner Robert Mallet (the ‘father’ of modern geology) and to celebrate his work opened recently at the RDS. Mallet was a scientifically-minded engineer, whose work laid the basis for modern… Read More

June 2010 – IRON network goes live

IRON network goes live with 10GB link between DIAS and UCC

January 2010 – DIAS Shares the Rossi Prize

Professor Felix Aharonian, Astonomy and Astrophysics section – School of Cosmic Physics, has won a prestigious award from the American Astronomical Society. The 2010 Rossi prize was awarded to Felix Aharonian, Werner Hoffmann, Heinz Voelk and the H.E.S.S…. Read More