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Dr. Jerome Quintin

Affiliation: University of Waterloo
Visiting Dates: 24 -26 April 2024

Dr. Heidar Moradi

Affiliation: University of Kent
Visiting Dates: 7 – 17 April 2024

Dr. Lauri Niemi

Affiliation: University of Helsinki
Visiting Dates: 11-16 March 2024

Dr. Susha Parameswaran

Affiliation: University of Liverpool
Visiting Dates: 5-7 March 2024

Dr. Xavier Martin

Affiliation: University of Tours
Visiting Dates: 3-9 March 2024

DIAS Planetary Science Studentship: closing date Thursday March 21st 2024

From mid-May 2024, the DIAS Planetary Magnetospheres group (dias.ie/planetary) is offering a 2-to-3-month studentship for a motivated candidate to work with the group on the topic of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Jupiter’s moon Europa is thought to harbour an… Read More

Three-dimensional Massive Gravity and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

Speaker: Eric Bergshoeff (Groningen University)
Time: Wednesday 14 February 2024, 2:30pm

Eric Bergshoeff (Groningen University)

Title: Three-dimensional Massive Gravity and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Abstract: In this talk I will compare the massive spin-2 modes that have been observed in the Fractional Quantum Hall effect with the Fierz-Pauli description of massive spin-2… Read More

Non-Relativistic Gravity

Speaker: Jelle Hartong (Edinburgh University)
Time: Thursday 8 February 2024, 2:30pm

Jelle Hartong (Edinburgh University)

Title: Non-Relativistic Gravity Abstract: I will discuss the 1/c expansion of general relativity where c is the speed of light. At low orders this gives Newton-Cartan gravity and generalisations thereof. At higher orders (and weak fields) this can… Read More