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Generalised Symmetries, QCD3 & Naturalness

Speaker: Zohar Komargodski (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University)
Time: Wednesday 9 December 2020, 2:30pm

Quantum Gravity and Curvature

Speaker: Renate Loll (Radboud University, Nijmegen)
Time: Wednesday 2 December 2020, 2:30pm

Algebra and Monodromy in Amplitudes

Speaker: Dirk Kreimer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Time: Thursday 26 November, 2:30pm

Dirk Kreimer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Title: Algebra and Monodromy in Amplitudes Abstract: We investigate the structure of Green functions and amplitudes in QFT. Such functions appear as solutions to Dyson–Schwinger equations which are fixed point equations driven by a particular Hochschild cohomology. Eventually… Read More

Differentiate Everything: A Lesson from Deep Learning

Speaker: Lei Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)
Time: Thursday 19 November, 1:30pm

Revisiting the CTP Theorem: The Quaternion Group and Discrete Symmetries of the Lorentz Group

Speaker: Brian Dolan (Maynooth University)
Time: Wednesday 19 November, 2:30pm

Many-Body Localization

Speaker: Wojciech De Roeck (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Time: Thursday 12 November, 2:30pm

Non-perturbative Results for Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory and Supersymmetry on the Lattice

Speaker: Georg Bergner (Universität Jena)
Time: Thursday 5 November, 2:30pm

Novel (Quantum) Computational Methods for Quantum Field Theories

Speaker: Michael Spannowsky (Durham University)
Time: Wednesday 4 November, 2:30pm

Quantum Transport and Eigenstate Thermalisation

Speaker: John Goold (Trinity College Dublin)
Time: Thursday 29 October, 2:30pm