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2018-04 – Alternative Description of Magnetic Monopoles in Quantum Mechanics

2018-03 – On the Morse-Bott Property of Analytic Functions on Banach Spaces with Lojasiewicz Exponent One Half

2018-01 – Magnetic Monopoles in Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics 2

2017-14 – The Mile High Magic Pyramid

2017-13 – Spherical Transverse M5-Branes from the Plane Wave Matrix Model

2017-12 – On the Entanglement Entropy of Quantum Fields in Causal Sets

2017-11 – The (2,5) minimal model on degenerating genus two surfaces

2017-10 – An Algebraic Approach to Minimal Models in CFTs

2017-09 – Magnetic Monopoles Symmetries in Noncommutative Space

2017-08 – Resolution of singularities and geometric proofs of the Lojasiewicz inequalities

2017-07 – On D=6, N=(2,0) and N=(4,0) Theories

2017-06 – Are All Supergravity Theories Yang-Mills Squared?

2017-05 – A Kind of Magic

2017-04 – Optimal Lojasiewicz-Simon Inequalities and Morse-Bott Yang-Mills Energy Functions

2017-03 – Finite Size Scaling in 2D Causal Set Quantum Gravity

2017-02 – Rational CFTs on Riemann surfaces

2017-01 – An algebraic approach to minimal models in CFTs

2016-14 – On the Transverse M5-Branes in Matrix Theory

2016-13 – A Computer Test of Holographic Flavour Dynamics II

2016-12 – Dimer geometry, amoebae and a vortex dimer model

2016-11 – Magnetic monopoles in noncommutative quantum mechanics

2016-10 – Majorana Fermions in Particle Physics, Solid State and Quantum Information

2016-09 – Noncommutativity Inspired Black Holes as Dark Matter Candidate

2016-08 – Twin Supergravities from Yang-Mills Squared

2016-06 – Melnikov’s Method in String Theory

2016-05 – Pressure and compressibility of conformal field theories from the AdS/CFT correspondence

2016-04 -The Flavoured BFSS Model at High Temperature

2016-03 – Membrane Matrix models and non-perturbative checks of gauge/gravity duality

2016-02 – The strong converse theorem for the product-state capacity of quantum channels with ergodic Markovian memory

2016-01 – Non-Abelian clouds around Reissner-Nordström black holes: the existence line

2015-12 – A Computer Test of Holographic Flavour Dynamics

2015-11 – Charged isotropic non-Abelian dyonic black branes

2015-10 – On the optical properties of carbon nanotubes–Part I. A general formula for the dynamical optical conductivity

2015-09 – The BFSS model on the lattice

2015-08 – Higgs- and Skyrme-Chern-Simons densities in all dimensions

2015-07 – Einstein’s cosmology review of 1933: a new perspective on the Einstein-de Sitter model of the cosmos

2015-05 – On membrane interactions and a three-dimensional analog of Riemann surfaces

2015-04 – Multi-particle content of Majorana zero-modes in the interacting p-wave wire

2015-03 – Chaotic strings in a near Penrose limit of AdS5×T1,1

2015-02 – Global symmetries of Yang-Mills squared in various dimensions

2015-01 – The intrinsic curvature of thermodynamic potentials for black holes with critical points

2014-14 – Generalized dyons and magnetic dipoles: the issue of angular momentum

2014-13 – Electrically charged finite energy solutions of an SO(5) and an SU(3) Higgs-Chern-Simons–Yang-Mills-Higgs systems in 3+1 dimensions

2014-12 – A rigorous proof of the Bohr-van Leeuwen theorem in the semiclassical limit

2014-11 – Multiple backreacted flavour branes

2014-10 – Many-body Majorana operators and the equivalence of parity sectors

2014-09 – Commuting quantum matrix models

2014-08 – A quantum critical point from flavours on a compact space

2014-07 – Holographic bilayer/monolayer phase transitions

2014-06 – Bell’s inequalities, 50 years later

2014-05 – Einstein’s exploration of a steady-state model of the universe

2014-04 – Three-dimensional quantum slit diffraction and diffraction in time

2014-03 – On the phase structure of commuting matrix models

2014-02 – Gaussian decay for a difference of traces of the Schrödinger semigroup associated to the isotropic harmonic oscillator

2014-01 – Rigorous investigation of the reduced density matrix for the ideal Bose gas in harmonic traps by a loop-gas-like approach

2013-18 – Comment on the higher derivative Lagrangians in relativistic theory

2013-17 – CFTs on Riemann surfaces of genus g ≥ 1: dependence on moduli

2013-16 – A non-Abelian Chern-Simons-Yang-Mills-Higgs system in 3+1 dimensions

2013-15 – On the thermodynamic stability of rotating black holes in higher dimensions: a comparison of thermodynamic ensembles

2013-14 – Flavours in global Klebanov-Witten background

2013-13 – Quantum slit diffraction in space and in time of a Gaussian wave packet and semi-classical approximation

2013-12 – Properties of subentropy

2013-11 – A novel (2+1)-dimensional model of chiral symmetry breaking

2013-10 – Critical behaviour of the fuzzy sphere

2013-09 – Membranes from monopole operators in ABJM theory: large angular momentum and M-theoretic AdS4/CFT3

2013-08 – The compressibility of rotating black holes in D-dimensions

2013-07 – The ideal Bose gas in open harmonic trap systems and its condensation revisited

2013-06 – Multi-matrix models at general coupling

2013-05 – Backreacted flavor in non-commutative gauge theories

2013-04 – Dynamics of non-supersymmetric flavours

2013-03 – Supersymmetric hidden sectors for heterotic standard models

2013-02 – New global F-theory GUTs with U1 symmetries

2013-01 – Thermodynamic volumes and isoperimetric inequalities for de Sitter Black holes

2012-19 – A vanishing theoretm

2012-18 – Generation by sections and k-ampleness

2012-17 – Quantum spherical model

2012-16 – Towards relativistic Skyrmions

2012-15 – Matrix geometries and matrix models

2012-14 – Scalar and spinor field actions on Fuzzy $S^4$

2012-13 – Counting points and Hilbert series in string theory

2012-12 – Near commuting multi-matrix models

2012-11 – Back reaction of non-supersymmetric probes: external fields and chemical potential

2012-10 – Flavoured large N gauge theory on a compact space with an external magnetic field

2012-09 – Production of negative parity baryons in the holographic Sakai-Sugimoto model

2012-08 – Hypothese theorique concernant l induction d un champ gravitationnel de type vectoriel genere par le decplacement accelere des masses en mouvement

2012-07 – Where is the PdV term in the first law of black hole thermodynamics

2012-06 – Back reaction of non-supersymmetric probes

2012-05 – Solitons and Yukawa Couplings in Nearly K ̈hler Flux Compactifications

2012-04 – D3D7 Quark-Gluon Plasma with Magnetically Induced Anisotropy

2012-03 – Gauge-invariant correlation functions in light-cone superspace

2012-02 – Global embeddings for branes at toric singularities

2012-01 – Discrete-time path distributions on Hilbert Space

2011-19 – New Chern-Simons densitites in both odd and even dimensions

2011-18 – Integrable deformations of CFTs and the discrete Hirota equations

2011-17 – Stable black hole solutions with non-Abelian fields

2011-16 – The MSSM spectrum from 0, 2-deformations of the heterotic standard embedding

2011-15 – Toric elliptic fibrations and F-theory compactifications

2011-14 – Numerical Hermitian Yang-Mills connections and Kahler cone substructure

2011-13 – The 24-cell and Calabi-Yau threefolds with hodge numbers 1,1

2011-12 – Pressure and volume in the first law of black hole thermodynamics

2011-11 – Compressibility of rotating black holes

2011-10 – Generalized baryon form factors and proton structure functions in the Sakai-Sugimoto model

2011-09 – Relativistic baryons in the Skyrme model

2011-08 – Axially-symmetric spaleron solutions of the Skyrme model

2011-07 – Scalar hairy black holes and oslitons in a gravitating Goldstone model

2011-06 РAn instability of the Reissner-Nordsțm solution and new hairy black holes in d=5 dimensions

2011-05 – Feynman path integral approach to electron diffraction for one and two slits, analytical results

2011-04 – The invalidity of a strong capacity for a quantum channel with memory

2011-03 – Towards Unquenched Holographic Magnetic Catalysis

2011-02 – Einstein-Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons solutions in D=2n + 1 dimensions

2011-01 – Notes on Yang-Mills–Higgs monopoles and dyons on R^D, and Chern-Simons–Higgs solitons on R^{D-2}: Dimensional reduction of Chern-Pontryagin densities

2010-19 – New Chern-Simons densities in both odd and even dimensions

2010-18 – Massive Hopfions

2010-17 – New generalized nonspherical black hole solutions

2010-16 – Asymptotically flat, stable black hole solutions in Einstein Yang-Mills Chern-Simons theory

2010-15 – Integrable deformations of CFTs and the discrete Hirota equations

2010-14 – Integrable deformations of CFTs and the discrete Hirota equations

2010-13 – Mesons from global Anti-de Sitter space

2010-12 – Holomorphic and anti-holomorphic conductivity flows in the quantum Hall effect

2010-11 – Discrete Wilson Lines in F-Theory

2010-10 – The cosmological constant and the black hole equation of state

2010-09 – AdSQHE: Towards a Holographic Description of Quantum Hall Experiments

2010-08 – Modular symmetry and temperature flow of conductivities in quantum Hall systems with varying Zeeman energy

2010-07 – Magnetic Catalysis of Chiral Symmetry Breaking. A Holographic Prospective.

2010-06 – Numerical Hermitian Yang-Mills Connections and Vector Bundle Stability in Heterotic Theories

2010-05 – Entanglement of a two-particle Gaussian state interacting with a heat bath

2010-04 – AdS5 solutions in Einstein-Yang-Mills-Chern-Simons theory

2010-03 – Free resolutions via Grouml;bner bases

2010-02 – Implementing Grouml;bner bases for operads

2010-01 – Equivariant Dimensional Reduction and Quiver Gauge Theories

2009-20 – Simulation of a scalar field on a fuzzy sphere

2009-19 – Non-Abelian Yang-Mills-Higgs vortices

2009-18 – On superspace actions for multiple M2-branes, metric 3-algebras and their classification

2009-17 – Exact results for the star lattice chiral spin liquid

2009-16 – Grouml;bner bases for operads

2009-15 – Free resolutions via Grouml;bner bases

2009-14 – Implementing Grouml;bner bases for operads

2009-13 – Freeness theorems for operads via Grouml;bner bases

2009-12 – Quasi-Hopf symmetries from twisted noncommutative gauge theories and non-associative spacetime algebra.

2009-11 – Chiral fermions and Torsion in the Early Universe

2009-10 – Hot Defect Superconformal Field Theory in an External Magnetic Field.

2009-09 – A Three – Generation Calabi-Yau Manifold with Small Hodge Numbers

2009-08 – Three Generations on the Quintic Quotient

2009-07 – Universal Holographic Chiral Dynamics in an External Magnetic Field.

2009-06 – Dimensional Reduction and Vacuum Structure of Quiver Gauge Theory

2009-05 – A Description of Kitaevquot;s Honeycomb model with Toric-Code Stabilizers

2009-04 – The non-Abelian Interferometer

2009-03 – On the thermodynamic limit of the 6-vertex model

2009-02 – Numerical Evidence for a p_x-ip_y Paired Fractional Quantum Hall State at nu;=125

2009-01 – Dimensional Reduction, Monopoles and Dynamical Symmetry Breaking

2008-25 – An ab initio calculation of the universal equation of state for the ON Model.

2008-24 – Matrix models, gauge theory and emergent geometry.

2008-23 – Boundary states and edge currents for free fermions.

2008-22 – Aspects of the holographic study of flavor dynamics.

2008-21 – A theory of topological edges and domain walls

2008-20 – Parking functions and vertex operators

2008-19 – Compatible associative products and trees

2008-18 – The zero temperature phase diagram of the Kitaev model.

2008-17 – The classical capacity of quantum channels with memory

2008-16 – From Vicious Walkers to TASEP

2008-15 – GUTs in Type IIB Orientifold Compactifications

2008-14 – Towards a non-abelian electric-magnetic symmetry:the skeleton group

2008-13 – Non-locality of non-Abelian anyons

2008-12 – Topological phase transition and holonamies in the dimer model.

2008-11 – On the Renormalization of Theories of a Scalar Chiral Superfield

2008-10 – Condensate induced transitions between topologically ordered phases

2008-09 – Triviality from the Exact Renormalization Group

2008-08 – Constraints on an Asymptotic Safety Scenario for the Wess-Zumino Model

2008-07 – The discrete Feynman integral

2008-06 – Topological degeneracy and vortex dynamics in the Kitaev honeycomb model

2008-05 – Constraints from CMB on spacetime noncommutativity and causality violation.

2008-04 – Magnetic Charge Lattices, Moduli Spaces and Fusion Rules

2008-03 – Calculating a maximizer for Quantum mutual information

2008-02 – Applications of the Superconformal Index for Protected Operators and q-Hypergeometric Identities to N = 1 Dual Theories A Resummable beta;-Function for Massless QED

2008-01 – A Resummable beta;-Function for Massless QED

2007-25 – On Some Lie Bialgebra Structures on Polynomial Algebras and their Quantization

2007-24 – Fractional Quantum Hall Hierarchy and the Second Landau Levely

2007-23 – Probing the fuzzy sphere regularization in simulations of the 3d $phi ^4$

2007-22 – Geometry in transition: a model of emergent geometry.

2007-21 – Classical capacity of quantum channels with general Markovian correlated noise

2007-20 – The instability of intersecting fuzzy spheres

2007-19 – A universal Dirac operator and noncommutative spin bundles over fuzzy complex projective spaces

2007-18 – A Comment on the Path Integral Approach to Cosmological Perturbation Theory

2007-17 – Sensitivity of Nonrenormalizable Trajectories to the Bare Scale

2007-16 – A Multitrace Matrix Model from Fuzzy Scalar Field Theory

2007-15 – C*-Algebraic approach to the Bose-Hubbard model

2007-14 – Three Order Parameters in Quantum XZ Spin-Oscillator Models with Gibbsian Ground Statess

2007-13 – Calculating the Superconformal Index and Seiberg Duality

2007-12 – Spherically symmetric selfdual Yang-Mills instantons on curved backgrounds in all even dimensions

2007-11 – Fuzzy Scalar Field Theory as a Multitrace Matrix Model

2007-10 – Determinant solution for the Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Process with parallel update II. Ring geometry.

2007-09 – Algebraic K-Theory and Partition functions in Conformal field Theory [PhD Thesis]

2007-08 – Entanglement-assisted classical capacity for a class of channels with long-term memory

2007-07 – d = 4 + 1 gravitating nonabelian solutions with bi-azimuthal symmetry

2007-06 – Goldstone models in D + 1 dimensions, D = 3, 4, 5, supporting stable and zero topological charge solutions

2007-05 – Counting BPS Operators in N = 4 SYM

2007-04 – Dirac-Yang monopoles and their regular counterparts

2007-03 – Particle-like solutions to the Yang-Mills-dilaton system in d = 4 + 1 dimensions

2007-02 – Conformal coupling of the scalar field with gravity in higher dimensions and invariant powers of the Laplacian

2007-01 – Einstein-Yang-Mills solutions in higher dimensional de Sitter spacetime

2006-36 – A schematic model of generations.

2006-35 – Aharonov-Bohm effect on the Poincare disk.

2006-34 – Finite-time current probabilities in the asymmetric exclusion process on a ring.

2006-33 – An analytic equation of state for Ising-like models.

2006-32 – Monte Carlo simulation of a NC gauge theory on the fuzzy sphere.

2006-31 – Nonabelian Solutions in AdS4 AND d=11 Supergravity

2006-30 – Self-dual instanton and nonself-dual instanton-antiinstanton solutions in d=4 Yang-Mills theory

2006-29 – Features of gravity-Yang-Mills hierarchies in d-dimensions

2006-28 – Solitons and soliton-antisoliton pairs of a Goldstone model in 3 + 1 dimensions

2006-27 – Spinning U1 gauged Skyrmions

2006-26 – No hair conjecture, nonabelian hierarchies and anti-de Sitter spacetime

2006-25 – Duality, the Semi-Circle Law and Quantum Hall Bilayers

2006-24 – Fuzzy Toric Geometries

2006-23 – The Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene: Emergent Modular Symmetry and the Semi-circle Law

2006-22 – Universality From Very General Nonperturbative Flow Equations in QCD

2006-21 – Quantization of Flag Manifolds and their Supersymmetric Extensions

2006-20 – Counting BPS Operators in the Chiral Ring of N=2 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories or N=2 Braine Surgery

2006-19 – General Computations Without Fixing the Gauge

2006-18 – Noncommutative vector bundles over fuzzy CP^N and gt; their covariant derivatives

2006-17 – Noncommutative BTZ Black Hole and Discrete Time

2006-16 – Asymptotic Feynman-Kac Formulae for large Symmetrised systems of Random Walks

2006-15 – Coding Theorem for a Class of Quantum Channels with Long-Term Memory

2006-14 – Duality in Supersymmetric Yang-Mills and the Quantum Hall effect

2006-13 – Modular Symmetry and Fractional Charges in N=2 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills and the Quantum Hall Effect

2006-12 – Quantum field theory in a non-commutative space: Theoretical predictions and numerical results on the fuzzy sphere

2006-11 – Numerical simulations of a non-commutative theory: the scalar model on the fuzzy sphere

2006-10 – Lowest Lyapunovnbsp; exponents for the armchair nanotube

2006-09 – Drinfeld Twist and General Relativity with Fuzzy Spaces

2006-08 – Transfer matrix eigenvectors of the Baxter-Bazhanov-Stroganov t2-model for N = 2

2006-07 – Point interactions in one dimension and holonomic quantum fields

2006-06 – Determinant solution for the Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Process with parallel update

2006-05 – Nonlocal regularisation of noncommutative field theories

2006-04 – Condensation in a Disordered Infinite-Range Hopping Bose-Hubbard Model

2006-03 – Noncommutative Two Dimensional Gravities

2006-02 – A quantum version of the Feinstein Lemma and its application to channel coding

2006-01 – High Precision Monte Carlo simulations of interfaces in the three-dimensional Ising model: a comparison with the Nambu-Goto effective string model

2005-15 – A vanishing theorem. Nagoya Math.

2005-14 – Zero-field Hall effect in 2+1-dimensional QED

2005-13 – Large Systems of path-repellent Brownian motions in a trap at positive temperature

2005-12 – Lecture on Fuzzy and SUSY Fuzzy Physics

2005-11 – On the effective string spectrum of the tridimensional Z2 gauge model

2005-10 – QCD string from D0 branes

2005-09 – Studying glueball masses in non-Abelian LGT with the LW algorithm

2005-08 – Finite-Time Current Probabilities in the Asymmetric Exclusion Process on a Ring

2005-07 – Meromorphic scaling flow of supersymmetric SU 2 Yang-Mills with matter.

2005-06 – Supersymmetric scaling flow Yang-Mills and the quantum Hall effect

2005-05 – Long Cycles in a Perturbed Mean-Field Model of a Boson Gas

2005-04 – A numerical study of confinement in compact QED

2005-03 – Waves on noncommutative spacetimes

2005-02 – Random percolation as a gauge theory

2005-01 – Comparing the Nambu-Goto string with LGT results

2004-23 – Ringostar: A Performance Upgrade for Metro Packet Rings.

2004-22 – Perfect Transfer of Arbitrary States in Quantum Spin Networks.

2004-21 – A normalisation identity for the asymmetric exclusion process on a ring.

2004-20 – Spontaneous edge currents for the Dirac equation in two space dimensions

2004-19 – Zero is not a Four-Letter Word: Studies in the Evolution of Language.

2004-18 – Quantization of Neveu-Schwarz-Ramond Superstring Model in 10+2-dimensional Spacetime

2004-17 – Pre-Big Bang Scenarios on Self-T-Dual Bouncing Branes.

2004-16 – Large deviations for trapped interacting Brownian particles and paths.

2004-15 – Large deviations provide good approximation to queueing system with dynamic routing.

2004-14 – Perturbation theory and the renormalization group in genetic dynamics.

2004-13 – Large deviations for local particle densities.

2004-12 – Quantum black holes: the event horizon as a fuzzy sphere.

2004-11 – A numerical study of a confined Q anti-Q system in compact U1 lattice gauge theory in 4D

2004-10 – Source coding in quantum information theory.

2004-09 – Membrane geometry with auxiliary variables and quadratic constraints.

2004-08 – Second variation of the Helfrich-Canham Hamiltonian and reparametrization invariance.

2004-07 – B. Ydri: Noncommutative U1 gauge theory as a non-linear sigma model

2004-06 – A gauge-invariant UV-IR mixing and the corresponding phase transition for U1 fields on the fuzzy sphere.

2004-05 – Exact solution of noncommutative U1 gauge theory in 4-dimensions.

2004-04 – Random walk in generalized quantum theory.

2004-03 – A matrix phase for the \966; scalar field on the fuzzy sphere.

2004-02 – Two order parameters in quantum XZ spin models with Gibbsian ground states.

2004-01 – Short distance behaviour of the effective string.

2003-16 – Perturbations of ground states in weakly interacting quantum spin systems.

2003-15 – Exact solution of the AVZ-Hamiltonion in the grand canonical ensemble.

2003-14 – A new theory of superfluidity.

2003-13 – Localization of fermions to branes: codimension equal or greater than 2.

2003-12 – A generalization of Le Potierquot;s vanishing theorem.

2003-11 – Field theory on low dimensional fuzzy spaces.

2003-10 – Random Walks on a Complete Graph: A Model for Infection.

2003-09 – Fuzzy complex quadrics and spheres.

2003-08 – Quantum Zeno and anti-Zeno effects: an exact model.

2003-07 – Quantization of bosonic string model in 26+2-dimensional spacetime.

2003-06 – Non-commutative complex projective spaces and the standard model.

2003-05 – A fuzzy three sphere and fuzzy tori.

2003-04 – Calculation of the invariant measures at weak disorder for the two-line Anderson model.

2003-03 – A new microscopic theory of superfluidity at all temperatures.

2003-02 – The spectrum of the Dirac operator on coset spaces with homogeneous Gauge fields.

2003-01 – Supersymmetry in quantum mechanics with point interactions.

2002-18 – Wigner distribution function analysis of a Schroedinger cat superposition of displaced equilibrium coherent states.

2002-17 – Decoherence at zero temperature.

2002-16 – Scalar Field Theory in Fuzzy S^4.

2002-15 – Critical Analysis of the Bogoliubov Theory of Superfluidity.

2002-14 – Exact solution of the infinite-range-hopping Bose-Hubbard model.

2002-13 – On Knuthquot;s generalization of Banachquot;s matchbox problem.

2002-12 – Noncommutative chiral anomaly and the Dirac-Ginspang-Wilson operator.

2002-11 – Fluctuations of the local magnetic field in a frustrated mean-field Ising model.

2002-10 – Invariant measures for one-dimensional Anderson localisation.

2002-09 – New scaling limits for fuzzy sphere.

2002-08 – Chiral fermions and spin structures on matrix approximations to manifolds.

2002-07 – The standard model fermion spectrum from complex projective spaces.

2002-06 – On the Origin of The UV-IR mixing and Noncommutative Matrix Geometry.

2002-05 – Probabilistic derivation of a noncommutative version of Varadhanquot;s Theorem

2002-04 – Gauge symmetry breaking through Hosotani mechanism in safely broken supersymmetric QCD.

2002-03 – SO2 Abelian projected action for renormalisation group flows.

2002-02 – Chiral fermions on the lattice

2002-01 – Matrix Phi^4 models on the fuzzy sphere and their continuum limits

2001-30 – Proof of a general non-commutative limit theorem using a Feynman-Kac representation

2001-29 – A general non-commutative limit theorem

2001-28 – Large deviations and the random energy model

2001-27 – Signatures of quantum chaos in rare-earth elements: II. Characterization of the energy eigenvalues and dipole moments of Ce I and Pr I.

2001-26 – Universality and scaling in chaotic attractor to chaotic attractor transitions.

2001-25 – Signatures of quantum chaos in rare-earth elements: I. Characterization of the Hamiltonian matrices and coupling matrices of Ce I and Pr I using the statistical predictions of random matrix theory.

2001-24 – Chaotic maps and pattern recognition — the XOR problem.

2001-23 – Universality and scaling in chaotic attractor to chaotic attractor transitions in an optical ring cavity resonator.

2001-22 – Multifractal analysis of selected rare-earth elements.

2001-21 – Left-sided multifractility in a binary random multiplicative cascade.

2001-20 – Geometrical multifractility of the perimeter of DLA clusters.

2001-19 – Multi-phases in gauge theories of non-simply connected spaces.

2001-18 – Bose-Einstein condensation in a lattice model.

2001-17 – Abelian projected SU2 Yang-Mills action for exact renormalisation group flows.

2001-16 – Fuzzy Complex Grassmannian Spaces and their Star Products

2001-14 – One-loop charge and colour breaking associated with the top Yukawa coupling.

2001-13 – On a Unimodal Conjecture in Matroid Theory.

2001-12 – On the Generalised Random Energy Model.

2001-11 – Fuzzy Complex Projective Spaces and their Star Products.

2001-10 – Enumerating Low Rank Matroids and their Asymptotic Probability of Occurrence.

2001-09 – Jets Signal for Higgs Particle Detection at LHC.

2001-08 – Duality and Non-linear Response for Quantum Hall Systems.

2001-07 – Thin Fisher Zeros.

2001-06 – 1D Potts, Yang-Lee Edges and Chaos.

2001-05 – Dynamics of Nonintegrable Phases in Softly Broken Supersymmetric Gauge Theory with Massless Adjoint Matter.

2001-04 – Covariant Quantum Greenquot;s Function for an Accelerated Particle.

2001-03 – Minimisation of a one-loop charge breaking effective potential.

2001-02 – The Maximal Invariance Group of Newtonquot;s Equations for a Free Point Particle.

2001-01 – Gauge invariance, background fields and modified Ward identities.

2000-23 – On the Duality of Quantum Liouville Field Theory

2000-22 – Covariant Relativistic Quantum Theory

2000-21 – Exact Velocity of Dispersive Flow in the Asymmetric Avalanche Process

2000-20 – Large Deviations and the Random Energy Model

2000-19 – On Wilsonian Flows in Gauge Theories

2000-18 – 2-Loop Consistency in the Exact RG Approach to Non-Abelian Gauge Theories

2000-17 – Gauge Invariance and Background Field Formalism in the Exact Renormalisation Group

2000-16 – The Maximal Kinematical Invariance Group of Fluid Dynamics and Explosion-implosion Duality

2000-15 – Clebsch-Jordan and Racah-Wigner Coefficients for a Continuous Series of Representations of Ult;subgt;qlt;subgt;sl2,R

2000-14 – Expansion in the Distance Parameter for Two Vortices Close Together

2000-13 – Large Deviations in Some Queueing Systems

2000-12 – On the Large Deviations of a Class of Stationary OnOff Sources which Exhibit Long Range Dependence

2000-11 – ADHM Construction of Instantons on the Torus

2000-10 – The Microsoft Congestion Pricing and Network Games Bibliography

2000-09 – Counting Rank-2 Matroids

2000-08 – Phases and Residual Gauge Symmetries of Higgs Models

2000-07 – Large Deviations and Transient Multiplexing at a Buffered Resource

2000-06 – The Phase Diagram of a Spin Glass on a Tree with Ferromagnetic Interactions

2000-05 – Fast Jackson-Type Networks with Dynamic Routing

2000-04 – The Two-Exponential Liouville Theory and the Uniqueness of the Three-Point Function

2000-03 – Phys. Lett. B

2000-02 – A Note on Representation by Max-Plus Matrices

2000-01 – Duality in the Quantum Hall Effect – The Role of Electron Spin

1999-16 – Logarithmic Asymptotics for a Stable Single Server Queue and Applications to Statistical Multiplexing

1999-15 – Gauge Coupling Cross-Over at the U1-Higgs Phase Transition from the Renormalisation Group

1999-14 – Liouville Bootstrap via Harmonic Analysis on a Noncompact Quantum Group

1999-13 – Noncommutative String Theory, the R-Matrix, and Hopf Algebras

1999-12 – Directed Percolation and Tandem Queues

1999-11 – The Quantum Quasi-Invariant of the Time-Dependent Nonlinear Oscillator and Application to Betatron Dynamics

1999-10 – Driven Systems and the Lax Formula

1999-09 – Comment on “Dissipative Quantum Dynamics with a Lindblad Functional”

1999-08 – The Principle of Symmetric Bracket Dinvariance as the Origin of First and Second Quantization

1999-07 – Operator Product Expansion and Factorization in the Hlt;subgt;3lt;subgt;lt;supgt;+lt;supgt;-WZNW Model

1999-06 – Distribution-Free Confidence Intervals for Measurement of Effective Bandwidth

1999-05 – Duality in Liouville Theory as a Reduced Symmetry

1999-04 – Large Deviations of Products of Random Topical Operators

1999-03 – Renormalization Group Flow and Parallel Transport with Non-Metric Compatible Connections

1999-02 – The Deformed Two-Dimensional Black Hole

1999-01 – On Gauge Invariant Wilsonian Flows