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Interplay of Band Geometry & Topology in Ideal Chern Insulators in the Presence of External Electromagnetic Fields

Author(s): C. Northe, G. Palumbo, J. Strum, C. Tutschku & E. M. Hankiewicz
Release: April 2022

Matrix Model with 3D BMS Constraints

Author(s): A. Bhattacharjee & Neetu
Release: March 2022

A Synthetic Monopole Source of Kalb-Ramond Field in Diamond

Author(s): M. Chen, C. Li, G. Palumbo, Y-Q. Zhu, N. Goldman & P. Cappellaro
Release: March 2022

Effects of Quantum Pair Creation and Annihilation on a Classic Exclusion Process: The Transverse XY Model with TASEP

Author(s): S. Dooley, K. Kavanagh, G. Kells & J. K. Slingerland
Release: February 2022

Band Topology of Pseudo-Hermitian Phases Through Tensor Berry Connections and Quantum Metric

Author(s): G. Palumbo, W. Zheng, S-L Zhu & Y-Q. Zhu
Release: November 2021

Entanglement Entropy with Lifshitz Fermions

Author(s): D. Hartmann, K. Kavanagh & S. Vandoren
Release: August 2021

Axial Anomaly in SU(N) Yang-Mills Matrix Models

Author(s): N. Acharyya, M. Pandey & S. Vaidya
Release: August 2021

Impossible Measurements Revisited

Author(s): L. Borsten, I. Jubb & G. Kells
Release: July 2021

Gauge × Gauge = Gravity on Homogeneous Spaces Using Tensor Convolutions

Author(s) : L. Borsten, I. Jubb, V. Makwana & S. Nagy
Release: June 2021

Dynamical Phase Error in Interacting Topological Quantum Memories

Author(s) : L. Coopmans, S. Dooley, I. Jubb, K. Kavanagh, & G. Kells
Release: July 2021