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Probing non-Hermitian Phase Transitions in Curved Space via Quench Dynamics

Author(s) : Y. Pará, G. Palumbo, & T. Macrì
Release: April 2021

Constrained Thermalization & Topological Superconductivity

Author(s) : S. Nulty, J. Vala, D. Meidan, & G. Kells
Release:: August 2020

Closed Form Fermionic Expressions for the Macdonald Index

Author(s) : O. Foda & R. Zhu
Release: June 2020

Matrix Regularization for Riemann Surfaces with Magnetic Fluxes

Author(s) : H. Adachi, G. Ishiki, T. Matsumoto & K. Saito
Release: May 2020

Simulating Quantum Circuits by Adiabatic Computation: Improved Spectral Gap Bounds

Author(s) : S. Dooley, G. Kells, H. Katsuru & T. Dorlas
Release: April 2020

Shaking Photons from the Vacuum: Acceleration Radiation from Vibrating Atoms

Author(s) : B. Dolan, A. Hunter-McCabe & J. Twamley
Release: March 2020