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Thursday 15th March: STP Seminar – “Einstein Gravity From Conformal Field Theory”

Title: Einstein Gravity From Conformal Field Theory Speaker: Andrei Parnachev (TCD) Abstract: We will analyse the Regge limit of certain four point functions in CFTs and will argue that holographic CFTs must be described by the Einstein gravity. Time: Thursday 15th… Read More

Tuesday 13th February: STP Seminar – “An Introduction to Causal Set Theory”

Title: An Introduction to Causal Set Theory Speaker: Dionigi M.T. Benincasa (DIAS) Abstract: Causal set theory is a sum-over-histories approach to quantum gravity, where the histories are discrete spacetimes (called causal sets) defined as locally finite partial orders. Causal sets were… Read More

Tuesday 6th February: STP Seminar – “A Hopf algebra for Feynman diagrams and integral”

Title: A Hopf algebra for Feynman diagrams and integral Speaker: Ruth Britto (Trinity College Dublin) Abstract: I will present a combinatorial operation on one-loop Feynman diagrams, described by cutting and pinching edges, that corresponds to the Hopf-algebraic coaction on the… Read More

Tuesday 5th December: STP Seminar – “An M5-Brane Model”

Title: An M5-Brane Model Speaker: Christian Sämann (Heriot-Watt University) Abstract: We show how to write an action for a classical six-dimensional superconfomal field theory containing a non-abelian tensor multiplet. All of the ingredients of this action have been available in… Read More

Thursday 30th November: STP Seminar – “Commuting Matrices, MacDonald Identities & Supersymmetric Gauge Theory”

Title: Commuting Matrices, MacDonald Identities & Supersymmetric Gauge Theory Speaker: Giovanni Felder (ETH Zurich) Abstract: I will introduce the notion of representation homology, following Berest, Khatchatrian and Ramadoss, and discuss some examples, applications and open problems about pairs of commuting… Read More

Thursday 7th December: STP Seminar – “Quantum Aspects of Black Hole and Fuzzy Sphere in String Theory”

Title: Quantum Aspects of Black Hole and Fuzzy Sphere in String Theory Speaker: Yoshifumi Hyakutake (Ibaraki University, Japan) Abstract: One of important directions in superstring theory is to reveal quantum nature of black hole. In this talk we embed Schwarzschild… Read More

Thursday 2nd November: STP Seminar – “Top Mass from Asymptotic Safety”

Title: Top Mass from Asymptotic Safety Speaker: Astrid Eichhorn (University of Heidelberg) Abstract: I will introduce the key ideas underlying the asymptotic safety scenario, which is mainly explored as a model of quantum gravity and will review its current status. I… Read More

Thursday 26th October: STP Seminar – “Towards understanding the endpoint of the superradiant instability: Kerr black holes with synchronised hair”

Title: Towards understanding the endpoint of the superradiant instability: Kerr black holes with synchronised hair Speaker: Eugen Radu (Aveiro University) Abstract: A 50 year-old lingering question in black hole (BH) physics is the endpoint of the Kerr BH superradiant instability, triggered… Read More

Thursday 20th October 2016: STP Seminar (Double Bill) – With Speakers Malcolm J. Perry & Paul Feehan

Thurs 20th Oct: 2pm Malcolm J Perry (DAMTP) / 3.30pm Paul Feehan (Rutgers) _________________________________________________ Speaker: Malcolm J Perry (DAMTP, Cambridge) Time: 2pm, Thursday 20th Oct 2016 Title: The Black Hole Information Paradox revisited Abstract: I will briefly introduce… Read More

Thursday 28th April 2016 : School of Theoretical Physics, DIAS Seminar – ‘Black Hole Microstates and Momentum Fractionation’

Title: Black Hole Microstates and Momentum Fractionation Speaker: David Turton (Saclay) Abstract The study of black hole microstates in string theory is an important problem, which has the potential to resolve the information paradox. Of particular interest are… Read More