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Francesca Vidotto (Western University, Ontario)

Title: Covariant Loop Quantum Gravity and Cosmology Abstract: The covariant formulation of Loop Quantum Gravity dynamics, referred also as Spinfoam, provides currently the most complete formulation for a non-perturbative theory of quantum gravity. It is a formulation of the gravitational path integral as a… Read More

Alfonso Garmendia (I’Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona)

Title: Frame PB-groupoid of a VB-groupoid Abstract: Principal bundles are essential objects in gauge theories. A basic example of a principal bundle is the frames (or pointwise ordered basis) of a vector bundle on a manifold. Using this… Read More

Keith Glennon (Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology)

Title: An Overview of the E11 Program Abstract: We will discuss the claim that the low energy effective action of the theory of strings and branes possesses an E11 Kac-Moody symmetry. We will show that a certain non-linear realization… Read More

Veronica Sanz (University of Valencia)

Title: New Physics: Where Do We Stand? Abstract: This talk will be a discussion of our long-standing search for new phenomena in High-Energy Physics. We will describe the current situation, a decade after the Higgs discovery, and talk… Read More

Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo & Perimeter Institute)

Title: Correlations, Representations and the Emergence of Spacetime Abstract: There are reasons to expect that spacetime might change dimension at sufficiently high energies or at least that, at energies as high as the Planck scale, spacetime might emerge from an essentially non-geometric structure. The… Read More

Susha Parameswaran (University of Liverpool)

Title: Dark Energy with a Little Help from its Friends (and why it might need somebody) Abstract: I will give a (somewhat biased) overview of the current ideas for Dark Energy in String Theory; the insights they hope… Read More

Marc Casals (University of Leipzig)

Title: Green Functions for Black Hole Spacetimes: Wave Propagation, Self-Force, Stability and Quantum Properties Abstract: Field perturbations of black hole spacetimes satisfy a wave equation, for which crucial objects are its classical (e.g., retarded) and quantum (e.g., Feynman)… Read More

DIAS Planetary Science Studentship: closing date Thursday March 21st 2024

From mid-May 2024, the DIAS Planetary Magnetospheres group (dias.ie/planetary) is offering a 2-to-3-month studentship for a motivated candidate to work with the group on the topic of Jupiter’s moon Europa. Jupiter’s moon Europa is thought to harbour an… Read More

Eric Bergshoeff (Groningen University)

Title: Three-dimensional Massive Gravity and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Abstract: In this talk I will compare the massive spin-2 modes that have been observed in the Fractional Quantum Hall effect with the Fierz-Pauli description of massive spin-2… Read More

Jelle Hartong (Edinburgh University)

Title: Non-Relativistic Gravity Abstract: I will discuss the 1/c expansion of general relativity where c is the speed of light. At low orders this gives Newton-Cartan gravity and generalisations thereof. At higher orders (and weak fields) this can… Read More