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About us

The School of Celtic Studies was founded in 1940. The Institute for Advanced Studies Act of that year established the School of Celtic Studies. The functions and duties of the School of Celtic Studies were set out in the Act, and in the Establishment Order of the same year, as follows:

  1. the investigation, editing, and publication of extant manuscript material in the Irish language;
  2. the grammatical, lexicographical and philological study of Old, Middle, and Modern Irish;
  3. the phonetic investigation of existing Irish dialects and the recording of the living Irish speech;
  4. the collection and study of Irish place names;
  5. the study of Irish social history and of all branches of Irish history which require for their investigation a knowledge of the Irish language;
  6. the preparation and recommendation to the council for publication of works dealing with any of the subjects mentioned in any of the foregoing paragraphs of this sub-section and of other works calculated to promote a more general knowledge of the Celtic languages and of the literatures of those languages and of the cultural and social background of Celtic civilisation;
  7. the training of advanced students in the methods of research in any of the said subjects;
  8. the organisation of seminars, conferences, and lectures on the Celtic languages and on the literatures of those languages and, in particular, on matters of interest to students of the Irish language and of its literature;
  9. the provision of facilities for advanced study and research in Celtic studies for university professors and lecturers on leave of absence from their academic duties;
  10. the commissioning of competent scholars, whether associated or not associated with the Institute, to undertake, either with or without remuneration, the writing or the editing of works dealing with Celtic studies;
  11. the assistance of research in Celtic studies in other countries and the exchange with such countries of advanced students in those studies;
  12. such other functions and duties in relation to Celtic studies as may from time to time be decided on by the Governing Board of the School.

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