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Vocabulary to Saltair na Rann

On an experimental basis, the School of Celtic Studies here makes available the vocabulary of Corp na Saltrach i.e. lines 1–7788 of Saltair na Rann (ed. Whitley Stokes, Oxford 1883). This will complement the draft text and translation of the complete Saltair (lines 1–8393) already available on this website.

In the 1970s, Professor David Greene conducted a weekly seminar on Saltair na Rann at the School of Celtic Studies, reaching approximately half way through the text. This seminar resulted in an edition and translation by David Greene and Fergus Kelly of The Irish Adam and Eve Story from Saltair na Rann (F 3.13.1 in the Catalogue of Publications in Celtic Studies) with an accompanying volume of Commentary by Brian O. Murdoch (F 3.13.2). As the seminar progressed its vocabulary was recorded on slips by Fergus Kelly. These were later scanned by Sandra Carrick, and have now been put up on the website by Andrew McCarthy. It would be greatly appreciated if any corrections or omissions could be communicated to Fergus Kelly (fkelly@celt.dias.ie).


These are in PDF format.