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Dr Mícheál Hoyne

Title(s): Bergin Fellow

E-Mail: mhoyne@celt.dias.ie

Phone: +353 1 6140100 ext 164

Address: School of Celtic Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

Research Interests

Classical Modern Irish poetry (especially brúilingeacht), Early Modern Irish prose, later medieval and early modern Irish history, the syntax of the Irish language.

Biographical Sketch

Mícheál Hoyne graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 2010, having studied History and Modern Irish. He remained in Trinity to write his PhD under the supervision of Professor Damian McManus and submitted his thesis in 2013. He spent the academic year 2013/14 teaching and researching in the Philipps-Universität in Marburg, Germany, before returning to Dublin to join the School of Celtic Studies in August 2014 as a post-doctoral research scholar.

He is currently completing an edition of the poems of the fifteenth-century poet Seifín Mór and a full treatment of the form of verse he composed (brúilingeacht). He is also responsible for updating and expanding Katharine Simms’ online catalogue of Irish Bardic Poetry. He is currently engaged in a new edition of Irish Grammatical Tracts III-IV (IGT III-IV).



Bardic poems on the Meic Dhiarmada (submitted).


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‘An adjectival construction expressing lesser degree in Early Modern Irish’, Ériu 66 (2016 [2017]),63–75.

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