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Celtica Volume 10 (1973)


  • The consecration of Irish kings
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 1–8
  • A poem on the kings of the Eóganachta
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 9–14
  • Vestiges of the Irish dialect of east Mayo
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 15–21
  • Distraint in Irish law
    D. A. Binchy
    pp. 22–71
  • A text on the forms of distraint
    D. A. Binchy
    pp. 72–86
  • Two items from Irish Apocryphal tradition
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 87–113
  • The linguistic training of the Mediaeval Irish poet
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 114–140
    Also available separately as E 1.4.
  • Five notes
    C. O’Rahilly

    • fuil
    • ginchróes, inchróes
    • fidchúach
    • ergal án ríam
    • Marginal .r.

    pp. 141–150

  • Celtic and Indo-European words in *mVl-
    Eric P. Hamp
    pp. 151–156
  • Some a-preterites
    Eric P. Hamp
    pp. 157–159
  • The topos of the single sandal in Irish tradition
    Proinsias Mac Cana
    pp. 160–166
  • The relative adverb mar a
    R. A. Breatnach
    pp. 167–170
  • Lá dá raibh sé (2)
    R. A. Breatnach
    pp. 171–173
  • The provenance of Laud Misc. 615.
    Anne O’Sullivan and Máire Herbert
    pp. 174–192
  • A manuscript of Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh
    Ronald Black
    pp. 193–209
  • The scribe who wrote for the White Earl
    Tomás Ó Concheanainn
    p. 210
  • Old Irish personal names:
    M. A. O’Brien’s `Rhys Lecture’ notes, 1957
    Edited by Rolf Baumgarten
    pp. 211–236
  • Irish versions of the Abgar legend
    P. Considine
    pp. 237–257
  • Book Reviews
    • Celtic mythology
      Proinsias MacCana
      Myles Dillon
    • Mythe et epopée II
      G. Dumézil
      Myles Dillon
    • Cín lae Amhlaoibh
      T. de Bhaldraithe
      Myles Dillon
    • The court poet in Medieval Ireland
      J. E. Caerwyn Williams
      Myles Dillon
    • The Gaelic Notes in the Book of Deer
      Kenneth Jackson
      R[onald] B[lack]
    • Gaelic folktales and Mediaeval romance
      Alan Bruford
      Anne O’Sullivan
    • Germanen und Kelten bis zum Ausgang der Römerzeit
      Birkhan Helmut
      L[uce] D[iez]
    • Eriugena
      John J. O’Meara
      John M. Dillon

    pp. 258–274