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Celtica Volume 2 part 2 (1954)


  • On some forms of the verb `to be’ in Breton
    Roparz Hemon
    pp. 217–228
  • The Breton personal pronoun as direct object of the verb
    Roparz Hemon
    pp. 229–244
  • A poem on the Í Néill
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 245–251
  • Irish translations of Thomas à Kempis’s De imitatione Christi
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 252–274
  • Aiste grinn
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 275–277
  • Modern Irish slinneánacht
    Brian Ó Cuív
    p. 277
  • A Middle Irish poem on Latin nouns
    David Greene
    pp. 278–296
  • Paenitentarium S. Maoil-Ruain Abbatis Tamhlachta
    Canice Mooney, O.F.M.
    pp. 297–304
  • The preposition ar in Irish
    J. E. Caerwyn Williams
    pp. 305–324
  • The Romance of Mis an Dubh Ruis
    Brian Ó Cuív
    pp. 325–333
  • Miscellanea
    David Greene

    • NVA pl. -aige
    • céidéaga
    • lepaid; lled-; apaid
    • The mark of length on pretonic vowels

    pp. 334–340

  • Nótaí gearra. I
    R. A. Breatnach

    • césmuite; diomiute
    • poinn
    • tuis(e), neafaiseach

    pp. 341–345

  • Two passages in Serglige Con Culaind
    M. A. O’Brien
    pp. 346–349
  • Short notes
    M. A. O’Brien

    • Omission of no (do)
    • Fear an énais
    • uchtlach `lapful’; littiu `porridge’

    pp. 350–353

  • Reviews
    • La légende arthurienne et Le Graal. By Jean Marx
      Shiela Falconer
    • The songs of Duncan Ban Macintyre. Edited with a translation and notes by Angus Macleod
      David Greene

    pp. 354–363

  • Erratum
    David Greene
    p. 363
  • Ad Celtica II, 153
    Kenneth Jackson
    p. 364


  • Materials for a bibliography of
    the Very Reverend Peter Canon O’Leary, 1839–1920
    Shán Ó Cuív
    Also available separately as A 2.