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Celtica Volume 8 (1968)


  • Noínden Ulad : The Debility of the Ulidians
    Vernam Hull
    pp. 1–42
  • Sithichtho Wb. 6 a 5
    Séamus Kavanagh
    p. 43
  • Apgitir Chrábaid : The Alphabet of Piety
    Vernam Hull
    pp. 44–89
  • Senchus Fer nAlban. Part I (continued)
    John Bannerman
    pp. 90–111
  • The Christianization of the Insular Celts
    during the sub-Roman period and its
    repercussions on the Continent
    Ludwig Bieler
    pp. 112–125
  • On the Hisperica famina
    Michael Winterbottom
    pp. 126–139
  • A legal fragment
    Anne O’Sullivan and William O’Sullivan
    pp. 140–143
  • Mellbretha
    D. A. Binchy
    pp. 144–154
  • Three notes on syntax
    Cecile O’Rahilly

    1. co n-acca, co cuala
    2. ara, explicative conjunction
    3. Ad Celtica II 348–9

    pp. 155–166

  • The date of some glosses on Bretha Déin Chécht
    Michael Dolley
    pp. 167–173
  • An archaism in Irish poetic tradition
    Proinsias Mac Cana
    pp. 174–181
  • The O’Moore poems in the Book of Leinster
    Anne O’Sullivan
    pp. 182–186
  • Lá dá raibh sé
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 187–190
  • An example of phonetic and semantic mixture
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 191–195

  • The semantic history of Irish gal `valour; steam’
    Myles Dillon
    pp. 196–200

  • Bartholomaei Anglici de Proprietatibus Rerum Liber Octavus:
    leagan Gaeilge ó thús na 15ú aoise
    Gearóid Mac Niocaill
    pp. 201–242
  • Book Reviews
    • La religion romaine archaique
      Georges Dumézil
      Michael Tierney
    • Recherches nouvelles sur la litterature arthurienne
      Jean Marx
      H. P. A. Oskamp
    • La syntaxe du nom verbal dans les langues celtiques:
      I. Irlandais

      Jean Gagnepain
      Gearóid S. Mac Eoin
    • Gaulish personal names: a study of some Continental formations
      D. Ellis Evans
      Myles Dillon
    • The hidden Ireland: a study of Gaelic Munster In the eighteenth century
      Daniel Corkery
      Myles Dillon
    • Der hibernolateinishce Grammatiker Malsachanus
      Bengt Löfstedt
      D. E. W. Wormell
    • Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Celtic

      Myles Dillon
    • Trivium I, May 1966
      P. Mac Cana and Myles Dillon
    • The Gaelic songs of Mary MacLeod
      J. Carmichael Watson
      Myles Dillon
    • Professional interpreters and the Matter of Britain
      Constance Bullock-Davies
      Myles Dillon
    • Irish wake amusements
      Seán Ó Súilleabháin
      Myles Dillon

    pp. 243–257