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Clóliosta competition

Clóliosta coverTo celebrate Saint Valentine’s day, we’re giving you the chance to win a free copy of Clóliosta. Clóliosta is a catalogue of more than three centuries of printing in Irish, from the earliest instances of the language in print down to the eve of the modern revival. Entire books printed in Irish as well as pamphlets and other ephemera are described in detail. Information is provided on the irish types used, on the background, content and reception of the works catalogued, and how they relate to the manuscript tradition.

Why Valentine’s day? Clóliosta covers a lot of romantic material. The first printing of Tóraigheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne, the story of Gráinne’s elopement with the famously attractive lady-killer Diarmaid ua Duibhne, was in 1857. And there is mention of lots of love poetry for all moods. Are you head over heels in love? Le grá duit níl radharc im cheann ‘I’m dazzled with love for thee’ appeared in the Nation newspaper in 1859. Still looking for love? Is fada mé ag gluaiseacht ar thuairisc mo ghrá ‘Long, long have I wandered in search of my love’ was published in Poets and Poetry of Munster in 1849. Heart-broken? The poem A thréadaí, do chaill mé mo ghrá ‘Shepherd, I have lost my love’, first printed in A Grammar of Iberno-Celtic in 1781, may speak to you. Thinking of proposing? Do phósfainn thú gan bha, gan phuint, gan mórán spré ‘I would wed thee without herds or land’ has been in print since 1831 when Hardiman’s famous Irish Minstrelsy appeared.

And the winners are… here!